Who should I focus on? Relatively new player

I’ve been playing for about a month, couple lucky pulls got me three 5* and a handful of 4*…should I focus on the 4* or max some 3* folks? Welcome any advice!!! I’ve got thirty 3*+ heroes at this point, pictured below

Tiburtus, C-Jack, and Boldtusk will get use for the rest of your days. 3* looks like your working on the right ones. Welcome to the game and the forum. Hope you enjoy and good luck.

Ideally, you’ll max a rainbow team of 3* (one of each color). I think green is the only where you have not. You may want to max Brienne. Her attack buff will be helpful on titans.

At this point in the game, you will be lacking non-farmable 3* and 4* ascension items for maxing those 4* and 5* heroes. A max 4* is often better than a 3-70 5*. Some 4* are better than some max 5*. If you buy a lot of heroes, this will lead to a lot of frustration because you will not have the ascension mats.

There are some “game changer” 5* that I would work on regardless if you can max. Those include the big attack buff heroes like Tarlak and Miki, elemental defense drop (Eve, Guardian Panther, Frida and others), and big defense drop (like Athena). I didn’t see any of those in your roster.

Unless you get a “game changer” hero, it is best to level one of each color and rainbow feed. Green feeders to green heroes, red feeders to red heroes, etc. They level quicker that way and it improves the chances of the special leveling.

Try to avoid bouncing around leveling heroes. Start one and either complete or take to where you can no longer ascend due to lack of ascension mats.

Be patient. Enjoy the journey.

Play the map but don’t try to stretch beyond what your current roster can handle. So don’t use battle items. Just replay already completed stages. You’ll get there.

If you posted sooner, perhaps you might have avoided feeding 4 hidden blades to Zagrog and used them to ascend Boldtusk, a much more useful hero, instead. No matter what road you choose, the results will be the same, eventually, mostly decided by the amount you spend, but following the natural 3* > 4* > 5* progression will make the journey smoother and less painful.

Begin with 3*, max at least 2 of them in each color, best if you can have 2 in each class as well. And use them to get ascension mats for 4* and 5* and emblems. And start working on 4* when you will have enough mats to ascend them to 4th level - on 3/60 they are weaker than emblemed 3* and cost more.
And one important thing: extend your roster space (yes, I know it costs gems :frowning: ), so you have at least 40 free slots for feeders. And train your heroes only using feeders in their color and feeding 10 at once - otherwise you will have trouble maxing their special.

Firstly, welcome to the game :slight_smile:

While I went all over the place, trying to level up 5 stars daily early on, I saw some play strategy videos on and changed my style. The best way forward that I would chose is:

  1. LOCK all the 3-4-5 star heroes. Then, identify which heroes to level up.

  2. Level up the 3* heroes on priority and let the 4* & 5* heroes sit put for a month or two. Level up about 2 to 3 heroes per colour for early play of : Maps, tournaments, quests, which will provide a lot of early ascension and crafting materials.

  3. The 3* strategy should be mainly to level up heroes that do direct damage and 2 to 3 healers to keep these chaps alive. This will nicely carry you to 8.7 where one can sit for a while and farm a lot, collecting a lot of wooden swords & bag-packs (adventurer’s kit) which I will use for making feeder heroes for levelling up later on.

  4. You will be able to use 4* heroes levelled till 3/60 very well early on. So don’t sweat too much and enjoy using them.

  5. Meanwhile I would even up multiple training camps to operate Level-1 and level-2. Useful for making feeder heroes.

  6. Go easy on summons and space them out, bcoz, no point in having a lot of heroes sitting idle taking up the roster space. The challenge festival is a good portal to try for heroes, bcoz, you will get non-season-1 heroes of all types.

  7. Gradually keep levelling up the Strong-Hold, which is the key to process & accessibility of many things, in this game. You will automatically be required to level up your iron / food storage as you move forward.

  8. Please be very patient with this game, which is more on the lines of a marathon & not a sprint, which by now you may have a fair idea.

Rest of the stuff is available via many YouTube videos, to have a personal strategy and many fellow forum members will also share their stuff.

Good luck & happy playing !


Kiril, Melendor and MelendorC. ,Tiburtus, Chickenjr. , Boldtusk, Caedmon, Hawkmoon, Brienne, Belith

Finish Hawkmoon and Belith first since you have no 3* healer so far.
Then Kiril, Melendor/MelendorC, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Li Xiu,

You are healer heavy but that is ok since it is good for wars and lets you choose the right color healer for the job.

Only level heros with heros of the same color.
Level 3* heros with 1* heros ( same color ) until their special skill is maxed.
Level 4* heros with 2*+ heros.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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troops first, the heroes will come
as heroes are concerned, I would max four the 4* healers whom you’re gonna use for ever

My advice would be to max out 3 x 3* rainbow teams first. So from what I can see, I would focus on:Namahage, Gunnar, Brienne, Balthazar, Poppy, Bjorn, Chick Jr, Hawkmoon, Belith
Then build 4 x 4* rainbow teams. From your list focus on:
Kiril, Melendor, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Caedmon
Then come back to the forum to ask who to build up next
Good luck

Never used those and never will. Just fed all three of them few hours ago

Welcome to the game and this forum :slight_smile:
If it was me, I´d focus on my three stars first, until I have a few teams of those, preferably six, so I can participate in Wars with my Alliance (If that´s your thing, of course)

Lots of specific advice given already, I´m late to the party, but for me, I have always focused on levelling my fast heroes first. A few of each colour, healers in each colour too. Dispellers, cleansers.

I would leave the five stars alone, for now, four stars too. All in good time. :blush: Emblems I would save for later too. Also to kind of ‘protect’ yourself a little in matchmaking in tournaments. You get paired based on your strongest heroes and such. So if a few heroes are super strong, but the rest relatively weak, it might prove an even greater challenge if that makes sense. If I am not mistaken, that is.

So, three stars first. Then four stars to 3/60 to play around with a bit. Then proceed with ascending those. Then gather six teams with them. Then five stars. As simple as I can phrase it.

Good luck and enjoy :slight_smile:

good advice from above. I will say, if you get Rigard or Sabina for example, you can wait on Tiburtus as you already have a maxed/emblemed Treevil. however, in the absence of other Purple 4*, Tiburtus is a good choice.

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How fast can you run? Run. :grimacing::joy: