Who should I focus on next?

Hi guys, i’m a pretty new player (been here for a month or less) and I’m about to max out my 3* team.

Question is I have the following 4* heroes:

Wu Kong
Li Xiu

Which one should I focus first?

Thanks for your advice!

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Wu Kong would be the most useful of the 4, but at the same time he will be your worst nightmare. His SS is a backstabbing, traitorous, insufferable screw job that you will regret wasting the orbs it will take to max his stats. That said, he will help your titan scores more than any of the other heroes on your list and may occasionally be the key turning point that turns a raid loss into a victory (or vice versa). He’s no good for raid defense and if you’re working your way through the provinces, he might come in handy.

Boril / Cyprian are really the same hero with a different coat of paint. The riposte / revenge skill is kind of nice to have in a raid defender, but you’ll find out that it is not that hard to overcome with some planning. The computer doesn’t plan, it just hits your heroes at random, therefore the riposte skill isn’t entirely wasted.

Li Xiu is annoying as hell as a raid defender. Early on in the game, she was the best raid tank until the 5* version of her called Guinevere came on the scene. On offense, her skill is undermined because you have to set off the SS first and then match some tiles on the board. The act of sending tiles at your enemies charges up their mana, which sometimes defeats the purpose of drawing down their mana in the first place.

Bottom line, most of those heroes are suited for raid defense and do not benefit your attack team for either raids or titans. Wu Kong is the only one that could be useful in an offensive capacity, but he has some major drawbacks. Namely that he is a traitor that I will gladly feed to Tarlak if I ever summon that card.

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Take the above rant about WuKong with a grain (or many more) of salt.
Focus on WuKong. You will not regret the orbs, unless you don’t intend to fight titans.
Next either Boril or LiXiu… depending on the strengths of your 3* team. LiXiu is a tank and a good hitter at your level. She doesn’t get much love from higher level players, but she was one of my first 4* and helped me progress. And she will be invaluable at this stage for your defense team.


Thank you guys, I think I’m going with Li Xiu first and then Wu Kong.

My 3* team is:

Bane, Valen, Balthazar, Belith, Azar.

Nooo…Wu Kong every time!!!

The way to more materials is better titan score and that means - Wu Kong!!!


I would advice you to start with wu kong.
He is such a game changer and completly change my relation to the game. He really binds me into the game. As i first get him i was able to accomplish the 4 star events with much effort and items. I got troop token and got another 3 star troop.

That times so…

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Have to disagree…no regrets, he is the most desirable 4*, there are whole threads about him being so essential that he should be nerfed or duplicated.


7DD /Zero advice - note the prevalence of Wu Kong!!

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After having him a long time i saw him more as a 5 star hero

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I would recommend Wu first, he will increase your titan damage = better chance for loot and mats

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Ok Wu Kong it is!!!



Yeah Wu Kong is just the best. And don’t worry about the tiles that miss. The ones that hit go so hard it more than makes up for it. There’s a reason every single event Wu Jong is in all the top players teams. Also his ability stacks with other attack buffs like kiril or boldtusk. He’ll definitely help you progress through the map as well when it starts getting tougher and tougher.

Have to agree with everyone … Wu Kong allows you to do things in the offence part of the game that no other 3* or 4* can

He is the key to big titan hits and can also crack hard levels on the map

Since you’ve been all so helpfull I have another kinda dumb question and i’d rather ask it here than opening another thread.

Except from Beril my 3* heroes have their special at lvl 5 or 6, should I feed them until I max their special or it doesn’t matter that much on a 3*?


If you continue to acquire summons you’ll eventually outgrow all 3* heroes. I wouldn’t put much resources in maxing their SS.


If you don’t have tc13, then you could focus on that and build a 3*-4* bench with it.

I wouldn’t put too much effort into specials of 3*.

Note that you would have better chance to increase specials, if feeding with 1s until special is maxed and use 2 and 1* feeders afterwards.

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Wu wu wu wu and then wu.

And after Wu? Another Wu?

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Lol - no, 1 should suffice!

I’d do boril- the comments on perfect riposte in that it’s easy to dispel are perfectly true at higher levels. But at the lower levels it’s awesome, and can help get you through some of the challenge events too.

If you’re not in an alliance , I would join one of the training alliances

If you are getting more resources from titans than anything else, go with wu.

At your level, farming followed by raiding is what you should be doing. Li Xiu will give you more now.

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