Who should I focus on next - Fire?

So, I pulled both Elizabeth and Yang Mai. Currently, I have the following maxed:

  • Garnet (19)
  • Santa (14)
  • Gefjon (7)
  • Azlar (8)
  • Elena (4)

And I have Noor at 3/70 (personally still not that impressed with her.)

With that being said, which of these ladies should I focus on next as I only have enough mats to ascend one all the way to 80.

Elizabeth has proven to be an effective tank and damage dealer, even some calling for her to be nerfed. The verdict is still out on Yang Mai, I haven’t come across her in any raids/war and don’t know anyone who has her maxed yet.

I have ran across Yang Mai a few times in raids. Damage is not that bad. She does have the advantage of being fast. But Elizabeth’s effect on all is greater as well as her overall power.

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Between Garnet and Elizabeth on the tank role, the Ninja is still far better. Beth only excels at tanking in raid tourneys where healing is ineffective. Forget Noor. You have too much slow heroes in your red roster.

Beth would still be the best choice. Your Yang Mai can still be serviceable at 3/70.


Tell me about it. Between Elena, Santa & Azlar, they take too long to charge up and fire.

Well, at least they are extremely usable during rush wars and tourneys. There’s that.

You mean once a month if that? I won’t lie, I do use Santa frequently as a tank. His defense down and hit all is worth it. Trying to get my mana troop up to 23 so he charges a little quicker.

I find Garnet to be much tougher on defense than Elizabeth. I find Liz to be a better hero than Yang Mai, but with those many slow red heroes you have, Yang may suit your team better for stacking and speeding them up.

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