Who should I climb Joon or Onatel?

Who should I climb 4.80 Joon or Onatel?

Depends your needs since they both are really differents heroes. So… Depends your actual compo

Onatel Defense and Joon attack?

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I don’t know how is Onatel for attacks. But I mean, Joon is a really good sniper while Onatel is more like a mage control.

Do you need a heroes that can kill an ennemy or a heroes that can slow your ennemy down ? That’s the question I’d ask in your case.

Just my opinion tho, wait for some more people to help you doing the good choice =)

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Joon is great. Good sniper. Awesome on titans. Good on offense. Good on defense.

Onatel is good too I guess but she is more of a situational hero - sometimes very good and sometimes useless.

Safe bet (for me) is Joon.


Must… resist… making… inappropriate joke… :smile:

Joon tends to be more useful in more parts of the game, but if you already have several snipers and no mana control heroes then Onatel might be the better option.


I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that :stuck_out_tongue:

@markpessan Joon is overall more useful than Onatel, I would go with him first.

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Joon here too.
But Onatel have a really cool design (i mean the artwork)

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My vote goes to Joon too. Much more versatile. Great all around hero.

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Joon is a core hero, Onatel is a luxury hero who have their core 5 star teams finished.

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Inappropriate joke? Oh. I get it. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

So I would say Onatel! I don’t even have her maxed yet and I’ve already completely changed my number 1 raid team and war team. I haven’t used her for defense yet as she’s not far enough along (4/25) but if you’re looking for a hero to use in everything but farming I’d go with Onatel! Only thing I can say is you have to learn how to use her special. There’s a definite learning curve to her. She’s not just a fill Mana and fire hero.


I have Onatel (2 actually) and I think she’s awesome. let me qualify this as I have only been at this game just over 2 months.
Against Purple Titans she is awesome - I have just got Wu Kong and I’m waiting to pair them together against it. If you have Onatel, Joon and a behaving Wu Kong I reckon your numbers on a Purple Titan would be awesome.

Jooooooooon :slight_smile:

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