Who should i attempt to summon?

so i currently have:
boldtusk, skittleskull, boril, hu tao, and rigard (these guys are all near or at max of the 3rd ascension)
i finally got a sonya to give me some single target damage (though she isn’t fully leveled yet) and i have a Li xiu and Kiril sitting in the wings for leveling (though i don’t know if i will use them).
so my question is, now that i’ve got another 300 gems, what color should i make an attempt at for summoning?
i still feel like hu tao is my weak link (his attack power is fairly low and he’s a multi-target attack) With Rigard, on the other hand, i find his heal useful, but that i don’t often use it very often and so am wasting a potential high powered attack.

any helpful advice is greatly appreciated.

You don’t really have a choice on who u wanna summon lol

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All yellow 4* heroes aside of Wu Kong have a low attack skill. Chao is the lowest-damage single-target hitter, too. Hu Tao is nice for raids, Li Xiu is a beast in defense team. Both suck hard on titans, but the only yellow 4* I’d use on titans anyway is Wu Kong.

Boldtusk is a solid choice, Kiril can be an alternative to him I find, but since you’ve got Bold leveled and Sonya aboard I think you’re fine there. Boril’s riposte is very nice, especially in raids and events, but it leaves you with 2 blues.

Skittleskull I find pretty useless. If you got Caed you could roll him instead of Sonya as a hitter and go with Boril. But it’s not that easy to just “get Caed” :stuck_out_tongue:

Rigard is a very solid healer.

From what I see you could use a better green. I’d hold off on rolling Yellows, not that much to gain there. Your blues are pretty stacked so better try for Tiburtus on purple perhaps.

Basically green or purple, I think. But it’s so very situational so don’t follow my advice blindly :slight_smile:


Denys, i know i can’t specify exactly who, its more hedging my bets by summoning from the elemental pool and hoping for the best there. I just don’t know where it was worth making an attempt.
I would love to get a caedmon for titan fighting, though i am surprised at how many people seem to hate skittleskull. yes, he’s multitarget, but he hits pretty hard and the stun debuff is nice.
a good purple might also be a great place to try. Thanks ellilea, for helping narrow it down from 5 to 2.

i think i just missed the purple summon so i have to wait til next week. watching the gems just sit there for a week is gonna kill me, lol.

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Like most multitarget heroes Skittle is Slow. Compared to Little John, for instance, his damage is lower and his special is much weaker. Pure damage wise, he’s also competing with Colen, whose DoT will really burn through a team. Then there’s Li Xiu with her Average speed and a very useful special (in raids). Hu Tao same case as Li, though a bit less debilitating to the enemy.

Skittle’s damage reduction is just not very good. It won’t help a ton in raids, it’s useless on titans and events. He just doesn’t have anything going for him that’s worth the hassle compared to similar heroes and what they offer.

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IMHO wait for the next event and try to 10 roll a handful of them. See what happens.

If the 300 gems are burning a hole in your pocket, I’d try the yellow and see if you can land Joon. Of course with this game’s luck you’ll end up with Bane.

Don’t underestimate Sonya. She’s tough. More than once she’s killed ALL 5 heroes in a raid for me, and she’s great against heroes like Ares because of her buff remover.

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I doubt I’ll never save enough gems to do a 10 roll, it took like 2 weeks to get the gems I’ve got.
I wouldn’t mind getting Joon but the chances are so low. I’m gonna have to be patient and try for a better green for Titans. May the RNGods smile upon me.

What you really need for titans and raids are two leveled characters per color (a fully leveled strong color 3 star will do better than a < 60 4 star in most cases). Since you have at least two in blue and yellow, I’d roll one of the other colors. There’s a ton of good reds and while BT is super strong, the reds on average are a strong color. Yellow is a strong color, there are no bad 4 or 5 stars, but you’ve already got 2 yellow 4 stars. I’d probably do red.

PS Chao’s attack power is slightly lower, but 25% mana reduction can often mean the difference between an enemy special firing, or you killing them first. plus he survives better than most fast single targets.

It’s often good to pair a fast and slow hero of same color together.

Rigard is an awesome healer, he’s tankiest AND he’s one of a small handlful that cleanse bad effects from your own team (think athena, hel, grimm, any blindness, etc).

Good morning as you can with 30 epic hero calls not to give anything yesterday for example i did 30 calls i just gave me 3 stars hero of month did not give me i did 10 troop calls and i gave only 2 star troops and 3 stars But how can this change something I ask you because you spend so much money

Some patiently wait for 4* using the free Training Camp lvl 13 and lvl 20. It takes awhile, but has given results to many. :slight_smile:

I think about half of my 4*s camp from camps. I am not looking forward to the daunting task of getting to lvl 20 though.

Keep in mind that TC20 (4-5* chance) have had better odds than TC13, though of course anything can change over time.

well, i held on to my gems until green came around. really hoped for a better attacker and who do i get? melandor. i swear this game hates me sometimes. oh well, hopefully i’ll get blessed during the event with something nice.

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Keep Melendor, he’s a good mid-level healer (there are better); you may find you like having several colors of healer to swap on your team(s).

Good luck!

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What order do the colours go in if someone could reply to this I would be very gratefull

Red, blue, green, yellow, purple.

Thank you very much for the information

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