Who should I ascend

who should i work on ascending?
who should i team up?
i have
purple legendary: Sartana
yellow legendary: Leonidas
blue legendary: Isarnia
green legendary: Lianna

purple epic: sabina
yellow epic: chao Danzaburo LiXiu HuTao
blue epic: Grimm Boril(2) sonia
green epic: Kashhrek(2) skittleskull(2)
red epic: scarlett(2) Colen wilber(atlantis) and kelile

sartana and Leonidas are fully asended and so is one kashhrek. i couldnt wait. what about the rest. and who should be teamed up? Thank you.

Yellow do Li Xiu, red do Wilbur and blue do Grimm. Lianna is a top notch 5 star, she’s a hero destroyer so do her for green.


Isarnia and Lianna are both worth fully ascending, as are Sabina, Li, Grimm, Kash, Kelile and Wilbur.


I’m getting my butt kicked with wars and titans any suggestions as to order as well from left to right. I also have melendor. He’s ascended all the way as is sartana and leonidas just not leveled all the way.

Lianna, Grimm, Kashrek, Isarnia, Sartana is a solid defense Kash is a tough little tank the Blue flanks are strong against a red attack on the tank. Grimm will defense down and Isarnia can bury a team woth her AoE. Lianna and Sartana really make people pay from the wings.

You consider a red and yellow stack against your team but Kash pops the red elemental defense which can really catch out an underwhelming strike team or anything less then a great board for a tile damage attack. Going yellow stack means your only neutral on tile and special damage against 3 of 5 defenders

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My experience is that it is great to have at least one maybe two healers. Melendor is okay but in a Rainbow team lianna ist just great esp. In combination with a debuffer like isarnia. I use them both on my team. Boldtusk would fit in greatly or rigard maybe. Vivica could be an option as a yellow healer. Wilbur is great i eould def. Level him… But I still think healers would improve your performance. I use aeron khagan isarnia vivica an lianna on my def team