Who should I ascend?

Hi everybody, I’m new to this forum and I’ve been playing E&P since 2.5 months as a F2P player. I have 3 4* heroes: Grimm, Tiburtus and Lancelot and the ascension mats for all of them (just need 1 more cape for Grimm).
My SH and TC are both lvl 13.

Now my question is: since Grimm and Tiburtus both have the same special, who is better? Or should I focus on Lance first?
I don’t have any 4* healer, so is it better to wait for one of them instead?

Thanks in advance

Grimm its better than Tiburtus but if you don’t have many chances to roll for other heroes (as F2P) you’ll have more benefits from levelling Ser Lancillotto, even if the better 4 :star: healer you could hope to get is red as him: Boldtusk

Next suggested pulls: Green (hoping for Melendor and Lianna) Yellow (hoping for Wu Kong, Joon, Vivica).
Why Green before Yellow? Because this month you can get a yellow healer! :slight_smile:

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