Who should I ascend...?

I got a compass from the event. I cannot decide on who to ascend. Quite of few can be, but the top contenders are; Anzogh, Sir Lancelot, and Cyprian.

My go to guys are: Buddy, Chao, and Kiril. I use Sumitomo and Triton a lot. That’s for raids and world map stuff.

I am thinking this next ascension should be based on titan hits. I have good hits on holy and dark, the other elements I am mediocre.


Then I’d go with Scarlett.

She has a very high attack stat, which is excellent for green Titans. And her attack debuff is hugely useful for Titans, Quests, Events, and Season 2 Hard Stages.

She also makes a strong red stack paired with Boldtusk and Sumitomo for Raids and War.


I’m surprised that you, sir @zephyr1, did not go with your girlfriend Ameonna. She is my pick based on what he has. Rigard hits like a wet noodle, so isn’t really beneficial for titans. I’d rather bring an antidote.

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Ameonna is extremely useful for holy Titans, but not as useful elsewhere. (She’s on my holy Titan team.)

Scarlett can be very useful in a variety of contexts.


So it didn’t seem like as much of a priority to focus on a hero for those teams, particularly one with limited other use.


Well…you know I never read the whole post! At least now he has some pictures. :wink:

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Agreed, Scarlett hits like a tank, she is useful in many situations including raids and even a defensive wing. She has served me well for quite some time now. Plus her dodge (if given emblems) has won more than one close raid/war for me

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Good stuff. How about Scarlett’s weak defense? 3-1-1 even if she’s dead, her attack still adds with red tiles, correct?


Correct. Her tile damage remains even dead.
Her weak D and fast mana makes her much better in the wing position

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Scarlett can work on Defense in some situations, but it’s definitely her weakest usage — in part because she’s so useful everywhere else.

Awesome, Scarlett it is. Thanks again for all the advice

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