Who should I ascend, little advice needed

At this moment I have Caedmon, Sonya, Wu Kong, Chao, Melendor, Ricard and Kelile at maxed at 4/70

I also have Kiril, Skittleskull and Gormek (8/8 skill) at 3/60. Also Scarlett, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Grimm, Thorne and Quintus but not really levelled yet.

Should I ascend Gormek or level Grimm for the def debuff? Or just wait for a 5* or for Tiburtus (I have tons of trap tools, for the other colors I have just enough for to ascend one hero)
I have 6 mystic rings and 6 blades (need two more) so I might wait for a 5* red instead of acending Gormek to max. ? I do like using Gormek in raids and for titans but at 3/60 he dies too fast
Any advice?

I have 4x TC20 running so I have a reasonable chance that some day I will get a 5*

Level BT and Grimm. You do need to ascend Kiril and Gormek. If you get Tiburtus, level him as well.


Boldtusk and Grimm, absolutely. These two have never let me down.


So you have:
Green: Caedmon, Melendor
Blue: Sonya
Red: Kelile
Purple: Ricard (Rigard, I believe)
Yellow: Wu Kong, Chao

It means that at least you need one blue, one red and one purple. I’d prefer Grimm for blue, BT for red (however Gormek is also good). I’m not sure about purple, though.

BT would be better to ascend than Gormek - you could use a center tank type and BT is a great one. Defense team should not be a priority right now, so it’s better to go for someone like BT than Gormek, because BT will be useful in all phases of the game. Also, Rigard and/or Sonya is a very good tank for where you are.

Agreed that Grimm should also be a priority.

Thanks for the advice, guess I start levelling BT and Grimm first. And wait for a good purple damage dealer.

I just got Marjana. Guess I give her priority over BT.

Unless you have the rings for her final ascension, I’d advise you to keep working on Boldtusk. He’s an incredibly useful support hero for raids, events and most titans, while Marjana is a very, very good fast shooter, but only a fast shooter. Even if you have the rings, Boldtusk is likely a better pick.
You’ll get more use out of a leveled Boldtusk, and get him leveled to maximum a lot faster than a 5*, and with much less resource cost. Think of your 4* team as the basic working toolkit which you are putting together, and a 5* hero as a specialised tool, that still needs the basic kit for support while on it’s own.
A good rule of thumb is that a fully leveled and maxed 4* hero is better and more effective than a 5* hero at 3/70, despite the listed power difference. The few exceptions are usually HotM types. It’s also worth noting that Boldtusk is pretty strong for a 4*. I’ve seen him compared to a 5* lite even, though I think he’s been nerfed since then. When I tried to push as high as I could up the score table to see how far I could get with my usual team and got up to 37th place for all of about 5 minutes, one of them was Boldtusk.

I do have the rings for Marjana but I have only 6 blades at the moment.
But I do think the attack buff on BT is awesone.

I started with levelling Grimm first. But need to wait for my training camps to finish with legendary training. Then I will start pumping out blue 1 and 2 *
By the time I have grimm at 70 BT at 3/60 and Marjana at 2/60. I will decide. Hopefully I get a lot of blades in the meantime. But random items always seem to be trap tools and magic orbs for me. Lol

Max Grimm + max BT is an awesome combo! :wink:

Max BT first, he is cheaper and you will use him in just about everything, then you can max Marj.

Now I have Grimm at 4/70 and BT at 3/60, Marj at 2/60 but unfortunately still 6 blades.
But even at 3/60 BT performs pretty well in raids and for titans. Even a crappy board still gives a reasonable score with Grimm/BT against titans (I usually fight 7/8* titans with my alliance)
I will bring BT to 4/70 first.

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