Who should get the fine gloves?

Any advice on who should get my only set of fine gloves would be appreciated. Choices are:-

Cyprian - He is currently at 3/60. He is also front and centre on my defense team.
Sabina - She is currently at 3/36. She is in my attack team.
Mother North - She is currently at 2/60 and on both teams.

I only have 5 traps, so could only level up one of the first two, even if another set of gloves did come my way, and I am two shields short for Mother North. But it has taken me so long to get another set of gloves, I am not sure whether it might be wiser to wait to level Sabina or Mother North, rather than just levelling up the one who is ready.

I am not in any alliance team, so it won’t make any difference as to which hero is better for those aspects of the game.

Many thanks for any advice.

Do you have any maxed heroes?
Without knowing that, I vote for Sabina. She is a fantastic healer who will always be useful.

Cyprian is a decent tank but he is not so useful in all aspects of the game.

Don’t work on MN unless you have all the items to max her. Maxed 4* heroes are better than 5* heroes at 3-70.


Thanks for responding. I am afraid that the only ones I have maxed are three stars.

From the four stars the closest are Valeria at 4/52, Peters at 4/47, Chao at 4/34 and Kelile at 4/36. Along with Cyprian the specials are also all maxed for these (and for MN), though not Sabina which is still at 6 as that one has been ridiculously stubborn in increasing.

Five stars are not even close. I only have three (including MN) and two of them are barely off the starting stats.

Cyprian will fit better into your defense, as your (almost) maxed 4*s are all fast single-hitters, none of whom are really suited for being a tank.

But Sabina will be more useful overall, especially on offense, as she is your only healer/dispeller that I can see. Both dispel and heal are extremely useful on offense.

Sabina will also be more useful later in the game than Cyprian will.

I vote Sabina.


I agree with sabina. And join an alliance!! You’ll get better titan loot when you start killing harder titans… and the camaraderie is an amazing feature of the game. Imo


Healers have avoided me like I have the plague and they don’t want to cure it.

For ages the only one I had at all was Sha Ji. I eventually pulled Belith and have her maxed, but the only other four star one I have is Kiril, but I only just pulled him the other week.

The only other dispeller I have is Tyrum, who is maxed but even at that level is still a little behind Sabina as she currently stands.

I did have Cyprian in my offence team for a while, but he was getting taken out pretty quickly. I should probably put him back there to test him out again now he has leveled up somewhat.

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Sorry, had a brain fart there, and edited my original post. Cyprian will fit better into your DEFENSE, not your offense!

Sabina will be better for offense than Cyprian will!

I had a similar situation as yours: Gormek, Proteus, Lancelot and Skittleskull were my only 4s, and Aegir my only 5 but stuck at 2/60.

My best healers were Belith and Hawkmoon, and my best dispeller was Tyrum.

Proteus was great on the world map, as I could use healing potions to keep him alive. But Raids were tough because he would keep getting killed.

I finally pulled Sabina and Kiril in the same month, and they really improved my Raid offense. Sabina, Kiril, Proteus, Gormek and Lancelot together did quite well until I improved my 4* bench.

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I did look at alliances, but they all seemed to want way more trophies than I have and/or need a commitment I can’t always give. I work full time and write in my spare time. When I am on deadlines for the latter, I just can’t guarantee I would even have time to check into the game at all, let alone use all the flags.

I would rather not risk being that team member, the one who lets everyone else down.

Cyprian is front and centre in my defense team, though I really wish I could see the team in action for myself, so I can see who the weak links in it are. Because goodness knows every time I log in I’ve lost against most raid attacks.

I still haven’t pulled Hawkmoon at all. She is one that has consistently avoided me.

Just realised I do have Boldtusk as well, who I pulled the same day as Sabina. I guess we both have the healers are like buses issue - none for ages and then two at once. I picked Sabina to level over Boldtusk for the dispeller. I really should get back to levelling him up too, along with some of the other four stars that I have done nothing with because I haven’t wanted to split my resources.

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Check out Emma Strikes Back.

We are very relaxed but have some rules. If your not sure your going to be around for a war just opt out. Other than that level, cups don’t really matter. We grow together and have members at all levels and from all over.


Your on point with not splitting resources early on. This game is a marathon and no one “wins.”

Pick one of each color and take them as far as you can then move on to another. It is a slow process but it will all come together.


You don’t have a healer maxed.
20 votes for Sabina.
No love for Cyprian.


Plenty of alliances that are laid back and chill… just gotta find one that fits!! I would recommend this one. @King_Nothing is an outstanding member of this forum.

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Well, it looks like it is going to be Sabina who gets those gloves.

I’ll take a look at that alliance.

Thanks everyone.

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Thanks, I really try and we have a lot a alliance members that help out the newer players by offering tips and ascension advice. I think I am the only forum goer in my alliance.


Mother North shouldn’t be an option at this stage.Cyprian is a little underrated especially for early stages of the game, but for you Sabina is the only way to go.
Also I saw that you also picked up Boldtusk, who will be a much more useful hero than Cyprian and can be your tank until high platinum raids. So try to focus on these two for now.


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