WHo should get the arrows?

Hello everyone,
I`m facing a small dilemma, just got 6th arrow from a titan and scratching my head who should get that now.
Vivica, Justice or Leonidas, or… should I perhaps wait for a new heroes?

I`m primarily raiding with a single color.
Looking for a good yellow tank, but hoping to also use that on an offence raiding.

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I’d go vivica personally. Possibly the best healer in the game


Well for def then it has to be vivica for offence joon or Leo both good solid attackers

He already has joon max, I believe he’s asking Viv or Leo or Justice, right?

I would (and did) ascend Viv when faced with the same choice.

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Thanks guys, Viv it is

Vivica for sure. Best healer in the game currently- plus she cleanses and buffs everyone’s defense significantly.

Justice makes a good tank, but that’s about it. The blind can be valuable during raids, but you can use Joon for that.

Leonidas is actually somewhat decent, not quite as terrible as everyone says, but he’s still not nearly good enough to justify spending darts on him.

Vivica, definitely Vivica.

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With Guinever event just around the corner, I would be waiting myself…

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