Who should get telescopes?

I’ve been getting mats like crazy lately, and I have 11 scopes. Who should I ascend next, and who should be on deck?

I assume you’re only talking about five stars. Morel, Milena, Krampus, and Alexandrine are the ones that stand out to me.

I’d probably go Morel first.


Krampus and Milena. No hesitation.


I love my morel - DD and attack all at fast speed! He’s amazing! But then I have Queen and Black Knight as taunt heroes! I think Krampus would be a close call!

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Melina is a beast, morel 2d


Krampus will add you the most utility.

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In my honest opinion I would go with Costume Krampus first - unless you have Black Knight
Then either Morel or Milena
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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You can not go wrong with any of the 3 - Krampus, Morel, Milena.

If you need taunt, boosts, and a sturdy tank option -Krampus

Solid Defense Hero, D-Down and hit all - Morel.

Powerhouse with a quick heal/cleanse option - Milena.