Who should be my next maxed purple hero?


What hero should I ascend?
  • Quintus
  • Malicna
  • Domitia
  • Zulag
  • Gafar
  • Stonecleave
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Ameonna
  • Jabbar
  • 3rd Rigard
  • 2nd Tiburtus
  • 2nd Sabina
  • Ann-Windr
  • 2nd Bjorn
  • Guardian Bat
  • Chochin
  • Gill Ra
  • Oberon C
  • Prisca C
  • Tyrum C

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I recently completed my main purple stack for offense with Tiburtus C/Sabina - Rigard C - Domitia - Alfrike - Freya

It’s already very good. But all my must-level heroes are maxed and I don’t know who else to max in priority. This would be in a second stack for war/titan tower/tavern/mythic titans OR heroes who can do well in rush wars/tournaments. I also have trouble against yellow titans. I only have 3 maxed purple 3* so I might level one or two of those to fare better in events and tournaments.

I also have a maxed Cyprian C, a second Rigard C, and Proteus.

Here are my unlevelled heroes:

Second and third Domitia dupes (…) - No need for them, I don’t use my first Domitia that often… Although it would maybe help me build a dupe team with Rigard 2 for example…

Quintus - My initial thought but I’m reading awful things about him and I fear I might not use him that much and regret the tabards

Zulag - Freya is already my def buffer, I don’t have raid formations for now (SH level 23)

Malicna x2 (…) - I don’t like that she can overwrite Tiburtus with a smaller debuff 33% of the time. But she seems to be quite usable and you can always hit the jackpot.

I was also looking forward to maxing a 4* (I don’t have mats atm)

Cheshire Cat - Very good on yellow titans, I don’t have poison DOT in my maxed roster for now

Gafar - My only fast purple sniper

Stonecleave - I’ve had him for a long time but people told he was not worth it. Not a big fan of his mechanics

Second Tiburtus C - Powerful and reliable but ranger emblems are reserved for Gefjon.

Second Sabina - Another dispeller… But I already have two Rigard C. She might be emblemed because I’m low on sorcerers (although I may ascend Norns)

Ameonna - like Stonecleave, not a big fan

Jabbar - seems really bad

3rd Rigard - a little too many Rigards, I need more offensive heroes


Guardian Bat
Gill Ra
2nd Bjorn

What would you recommend?

Is Zulag that bad? Is the cat the best choice? Is Quintus a good option with my roster? (Freya can keep him alive and he would charge after Tibs… he would be nice in rush attack wars…) Maybe Malicna is the best choice even if she’s not too shiny…


Those 5 stars don’t interest me much, perhaps Zulag when you are swimming in Tabards. 4 * go for the cat, that’ll help with titans. Gafar would be my second choice, but now that my roster is getting large, he rarely comes out to play. 3 Star you have some nice options. Chochin, the bat and a second Bjorn will all suit you well.



Ceshire cat will get used for Mythic Titan, specially if we do not have many Tiburtus available.
CCat is also fast, Tiburtus avarage, but Tibs with costume is also good 9 tiles with only mana troop lvl 5 though. I have 2x Tibs maxed and 1x CCat.
But I would also level Gafar 1st before 2nd Tibs, he is great for tournament bloody battle, if we need fast purple hitter.


I’d do G.Bat then the cat


Guardian Bat hater here: what am I missing?

Wot no Tyrum C? He’s ever so useful. And Gill-Ra is good for buff tourneys.

Definitely agree with pp re Cheshire Cat. He’s bags of fun too. You know that stubborn healer who always hides in a corner in wars and you just can’t get the tiles… Cat’s your, er, cat for that :wink:


He fits in my team of 3* purple id prob max a 2nd and maybe take out Jack, does good for moi :+1:

Do you like Bat better than Bjorn? Chochin? Balthazar? Tyrum? C-Renfield?

I have not invested much in my rare purple team because they aren’t super useful for challenge events. I feel like Bat’s sole use is wing in a raid tournament. I wouldn’t waste emblems just for that.

Is it because you don’t have better options leveled? I have fed my bats away not thinking they have much use. I leveled Jack and haven’t used him either.

My 3* are Balthazar + CB, Renfeld (his costume was maxed today) and the almighty Bjorn.

Bjorns are easy to come by through the Valhalla portal. I might just field many Bjorns for the damage output. But I guess Tyrum should be my priority anyway, dat dispel :heart_eyes:

Chochin, I really hated the design of this hero (aesthetics and mechanics). Maybe I was wrong and he does have some utility.

Anyway I’m not so stoked on 3* because my priority is titans and wars.

IMO tie between Gafar and 3rd cRigard.

Gafar is literally the only fast 4* purple sniper, so he’s pretty valuable in that regard. The healing ailment while situational could come in very handy.

3rd cRigard because you can never have enough costume Rigards for war (ok fine 6 is enough). I finished my 5th one a while back and am thinking of doing a 6th one if no worthwhile purples show up soon.


Work on your rare heroes, then epic ones and then later, your legendaries.

Among your purple rares, I’d do a second Bjorn (I know I did, each at +10 talent), Guardian Bat (I maxed 2 and for a time, both were at +15 each, until I stripped both of them to fully emblem my Alfrike last month when I was lucky enough to get the latter using free valhalla coins; currently, one has been re-emblemed and is already at +15 while the other has yet to be re-emblemed back; useful in raid tourney defense both at wings to give you high chance of getting to, or maintaining at, 1% as the 900 defense score may get you there; the possible 100 emblems, tokens and other goodies are worth it at 1% in rare raid tourneys), Tyrum and costume and Chochin. Do them while trying to accumulate both epic and rare ascension materials for dark heroes.

Among your epic dark heroes, I’d max the following: costume of 1st Tiburtus (if it is not yet maxed yet; the costume version, if emblemed, may serve as a good purple tank while the original version has attack stat over 800), 2nd Tiburtus and costume (you need to exploit the costume bonus), Gafar (decent damage, DoT and no heal to the target), Cheshire Cat (the only purple hero that deals -44% defense debuff but only against holy enemies and is thus ideal against to titans) and Sabina (an additional dispeller (apart from your Domitia) and healer (apart from your Rigard).

Level your other purple legendaries to 3/70 and play with them at that level. Ascend the hero that fits your needs and wants. All of them are good heroes and may serve their purpose, even though there are other heroes of equal caliber that does better at what they do. For example, while Quintus may be regarded as one of the not-so-loved S1 hero, he may have good synergy with costumed Tiburtus as the former’s damage will be greater if fired after the latter. Zulag is the defensive purple version of Ares, but with Element Link and some resistance. Malicna, well, I still reserve my judgment on the hero until I see or battle them during raids (and of course when I get her, hopefully). Seeing your purple roster, it appears that you are still a bit relatively new. For some players, they have already some of the basic heroes maxed. In my case, only Stonecleave and Ameonna are the only ones I have yet to level, yet I have maxed 4 Rigards and costume (only 2 are highly emblemed while the others are not and as never used even in raid tourneys or monthly events or Ninja Tower quest or Tavern of Legends quest), 2 Proteuses (rarely used), 2 Tiburtuses and costume, etc.

Good luck and have fun.

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