Who should be my next dark? Victor or 2nd Kage

I have Kunchen, Seshat, Hel and Kage maxed. Victor and Hel#2 sitting at 3.70 waiting, basically already decided on Vic for variety and vfast is after all vfast… then dupe Kage joins with Atlantis coins.

Who should it be now? Dupe Kage or Victor?

Have DomitiaX2 and Obakan as well but not considering them for tabards. Maxed 4* are Proteus, Rigard, Sabina, Merlin and Gafar.

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Surprisingly double kages are not ideal because of the reduced damage inflicted when opponents have less than 50% health.

Friend maxed two kages at beginning of the year, used in tandem for raids but then only took one. I trust their assessment. I haven’t maxed my second kage. He will be after Jabberwock, Aeron, Seshat#2, Hel#2, Kunchen#2.

It’d be great if you had panther to take your darks to the next level.

I do almost all my raids with Victor + Kage both with mana troops to fire on 6 tiles, 3 ghost.

Victor’s defense buff is great. Vote is for Victor.


Thanks! I would consider Vic for first string purple mono. Kage would not be a great fit there as you point out, but could be slotted in as odd man out in another war team or even for second string purple against holy tanks…

I don’t really need either for ordinary raiding or events. Have two maxed GMs and must say that outside of war they are very rarely in the same team; only time they’re both given is Yunan tanks.

(And Panther… that wound is still fresh. Shh…)

Victor or wait for Panther.