WHO shall i ascend? 🤔

Ive gathered resources for all colors but i only have 1 compass, in what order should i ascend these? Can’t decide… :thinking:

I would say Tibs.

From what I see he is the most useful that is close.

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Hmm ok, thanks! And in what order should i ascend the others you think?

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Tibs, Gretal, Sonya, Scarlet

you may have better options along the way waiting. Gloves are the mat that evades me from ascending 4*. Everytime I get 1 I evaluate what I have ready to go.

While waiting I take heros to 60.

Got the glove offer today. It is Merlin’s turn to go. After I get Obakan to 60. I stick to 1 a color.


Haha thank you so much, tibs Will be good for the upcoming event as well! :slight_smile:


I just got mine to 70 myself. I really like using Rigard on my main team but if I double up tibs will most likely be the guy.

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Wu Kong: at tier 5 it’ll gain a star and unlock the ultra instinct, making his skill dodge hits with 32% chance and removing his miss chance!


JK, for now you are ok: wait for better heroes.

Hell yes! I want it :wink:

The only problem with Tibs is he’s a variant of Grimm (in a different color with slightly different stats). For me the choice would be between Sonya or Gretel who I would prefer.

Good point about upcoming event though…

I got into platinum tier using both Grimm and Tibs on the same team. They’re not a bad combo even if their specials do overwrite. And having both is good for hurting titans in the longer term.

I agree with @rook. You already have a ramming Pulveriser, but no de-speller. So I’d go sonya.

I don’t have experience of Gretel, do can’t comment much on her.

Yes, having multiple colors of the same special lets you attack different titans with the same strategy. Another good argument in Tibs’ favor. :wink:

Tbh 2 consecutive pulverizers wreak havoc. Plus heroes are hard. Not squishy. Which is pretty good.

And you need all 3 of them to cover all titans.

Tib, Sonya and then you will see.

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