Who’s your most wanted hero and why?

I’ve had a lot of good luck in pulls and so I have a nice roster that I’m very happy with.

Lately I’ve been focusing on how to improve my titan teams as I’ve got my war teams pretty settled and there’s just one hero that is the only one who does his special elemental defense down thing in his color:

Guardian Panther.

On blue stack I run Nordri lacking Frida or King Arthur, greens it’s Almur without Evelyn and so on

But nobody can do what the panther does.

I’ve done all my major spending in the game so I’m not going to chase him when the guardians return, I may save up my challenge coins for it. My big hope is to see him in the HA10 someday.

Who is your white whale? And what would you do or not do to get them…


I’m chronically short of end-game reds and of the few S1 5* I still need, Marjana is absolutely top of the list

Other 5* reds I covet are grazul and zimkitha - both great against the green tank meta and dot.

I’d also love mist as yellow 4* tend to be defensive and I really struggle in 4* tournaments against purple.


Mine has to be Miki. It’s not easy hitting 14*, and having to rely on Wu Kong. :rofl:

I’m vc2p so I don’t chase 5*. I might save for a 10-pull when he’s featured again in Atlantis though. :sweat_smile: Running HA10 too.

I got my Panther last Guardians in November. :heart_eyes: My luckiest pull, ever! I’d definitely welcome a second Panther.


For me It’s difficult to choose just one colour. So one of each colour would be:
Guardian Panther, Odin, Frigg, Finley, Zimkitha


I’m fortunate to have her, but not her costume yet. Falcon would retire from titans then!

Mist is fantastic and I actually have her on all three accounts so she must be avoiding you for some reason. Imagine a 4* tournament with double formation :drooling_face:

I got him at the last Tavern, just got him up to emblems a couple weeks ago and he’s a beast on the blue stack, also was helpful in the tower and in the last rush tourney. I am actually only now leveling up Wu after a year. I got Tarlak early on and used him on all titans for attack boost until recently.

But if you HAD to… who would it be.


But im not chasing any heros.
If its comes then comes. :joy:.
And everyone knows why???!.

Lucky you getting Tarlak early! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m not sure if I’d bother to level Wu in your shoes. Unless you have his costume, I suppose.

Yeah I do have his costume, and I’m going to use him just against the purple titans, so I can be full mono when possible.

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My ingame goal lately is to be able to field a good mono team for each color. I am content so far with green, blue, yellow. I need some work on purple and red. For purple i think id take Kunchen for the heal and def down. He would replace ol Tibs on my mono purple. For red, my team is still a bit messy. I have Marjana, JF, Grazul as my core 5*. I would like to get a costume for Marjana for the elemental def down. Then probaby round out the team with wilbur and boldtusk (who i both have).

Yellow would be Odin or Drake
Blue would be Miki
Green would be Frigg
Purple would be Ursena
Red would be Garnet

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For me, it’s frigg (or cKadilen).

I really lack a solid green flank in my Bera - XXX - Garnet - Odin - Cobalt defense.

Ok ok … you made me choose lol … Finley
Because I have wanted him like forever


My most wanted heroes are Heimdall, Frigg or Telluria.

I really wanted a green tank since the meta has turned green. I really tried for telluria last year without luck and i havent been any lucky trying for the asgardian green guys neither.

Another good hero id love to pull is Toxicandra. I need to update my Melendor.

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My alliance use green tanks. I had been stuck with kadilen as my tank. I had saved up 900 Valhalla tokens. I got lucky and pulled Heimdall in this current portal. In my opinion this addressed the biggest need I had.

Jabberwock would be the one hero I would choose now. Deals a lot of damage at fast mana. There are others I’d be happy to pull and would be an upgrade over my current roster but I think Jabber would give me the biggest improvement.
I won’t waste money chasing him but would be ecstatic if I pulled Jabber


A lot of naughty people here. Gotta pick just ONE!


This is a good positive thread! It is interesting to read which heroes players want most and why.


Miki for sure, I’m tired of wu Kong missing half of the stones against titans :upside_down_face:


Alfrike, Alfrike, Alfrike.

I wanted her from the moment I’ve seen her artwork and skill. After I’ve seen her special’s animation I wanted her more. She is not the strongest one but I like everything about her and she is typical hero that requires strategy to use, which I like the most. Also she screws you badly on very fast RT and wars, even with status block.

Sadly, no chance so far, though I can’t blame what Valhalla gave me. Thankfully they improved featured hero rates so I will collect coins until she will be featured.


Miki if I have one to choose it would be him .


Panther tarlak Frida be top mee list

Others any 5* gaurdian or priates

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