Who’s update first?

This is my tower defense

These are my mono of each color:


I have this to update:

But I have 6 rings, 12 darts, 6 tonics, 8 tabards and 4 telescope.
But… only 2 Damascus Blade.

Which one I ascend first and second and why.

Please, help me with this dilema.

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I’d go for Poseidon and Gravemaker, maybe Malosi instead of Poseidon

A fast and heavy hitter like Poseidon is never a bad choice. Plus he offers protection for mana and specials.

Gravemaker is widely regarded as one of the top 3 heroes in the game.

Malosi’s status block is awesome, but he is more reliable on offense as you’ll never know whom Malosi targets in an AI led defense fight.

Sif has a nice counter, but I think she dies too quickly.

Fenrir is great against targets with lower health (certain kill), but he lacks power against full health targets.

  1. Gravemaker - like mentioned above Top 3 hero
  2. Malosi - Very fast yellow 5*
  3. Poseidon - Great sniper

When you level GM and Malosi you have 4 very fast heroes for attack which is great.


In my honest opinion, I would go with both Gravemaker and Malosi you won’t be disappointed.
Whichever her you choose good luck

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GM hands down to replace khagan, and I’ll vote Poseidon as well.

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Gravemaker i will put full ASAP.

Now my concern is about what Sacred Hero to update.

Poseidon great sniper, but I have Joon and don’t have emblems to.
Sif I have at least emblems to put in +5
And Malosi I dont want to remove emblems from BK.

OMG what yellow I update first and Why?

I have only 3 Super Fast heroes: GM, Malosi and Clarissa.

I cannot count Valéria 4* or Mireweave.

What area of the game do you need improvement in? Such as titans, wars, raid defense, general attack…

Titan and general attack (raid, event, tournament)

Sif… great pair with BK.

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Fenrir is flying under the radar hes got alot of perks for a fast mana I would go him and gravemaker

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Guardian Jackal also :wink:

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Heroes are of great use even without emblems…

If you only want to use emblemed heroes, then Sif is your go-to girl, as you only have emblems for her.

If you need more attack power, go for Poseidon.

If you want to stop status effects, go for Malosi.

What’s wrong with 4*?

Absolutely nothing wrong, I have many epic heroes that I use even more than the legendary ones. Wilbur, Jackal, Mist, Rigard and too many others.

I talk about the 5* just because I’m in doubt about which to evolve.

They are great heroes with distinct habilities.

GM first for sure.

It’s a hard call with yellow, no real wrong answer.
I’d go Sif first, great support hero & synergy with BK. Plus you have emblems.

Then you can decide between Poseidon & Malosi when you get next blade

Edit: Sif is also great for protecting the weak, I.e Jackal or boosting slow mana hero’s

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This week I put Clarissa and GM full.

Still have a doubt, if I use the darts in:

  • Malosi
  • Poseidon
  • Sif

ATM i have full yellows: Drake Delilah Joon Neith Jackal Mist Kong

I didn’t know Kong was holy. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Go for Poseidon.

I want to say Wu Kong… when i Talk about my full yellows e put The 4* i’m the list too