Who’s a better tank Marjana or Mitsuko?

I have both at 3/70 and have enough to ascend only one. Their defense and hit points are close with Mitsuko (727 Defense 1450 HP, average) edging out Marjana (712 Defense 1405 HP, Fast).

Does Mitsukos higher Defense make her a more suitable tank or does Marjanas fast speed make her more suitable? They both have an A grade for Tank. Please help and thanks in advance.

To me Mitsuko is harder to deal with.

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I vote too for Mitsuko as tank.
For general use, maybe Marjana is a bit better.

Not only is Mitsuko a bit tougher but her special ability is better than Marjana’s I think. Mana control is sooooo powerful in this game. Somebody else on your team can take over marjanas role as a sniper.

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