Who pays **EQUALLY** for summonses AND ascension items in the shop?

I’m C2P, and I am often seeing how P2P complain about lack of ascension materials. Is it not logical to assume that if one is spending $100s on summonses, one needs equal effort (money) to drop on mats in the shop? If one is only spending on pulling heroes, they will no doubt be short on mats and frustrated with multiple heroes that can not be ascended.

My opinion on the matter is to adjust to the appearance rates of quests that drop these items, and also to adjust to the effort and tier level of rewards received from all chests (monsters, raids, titans, war…).

Love it or hate it, this to me makes more sense than setting yourself up for frustration and rage quiting after dumping a small fortune into this game.

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This the “bottleneck” for competitive balance. You can have all the shiny heroes you want but without ascension mats to back it you won’t be using them.


Multiple of my legends hit the matwall, but you can have some fun with unleveled heroes, too.

Revenge of the uncompleted:


On the other hand, F2P and many C2P get more ascension items than they can use on the long run. After getting most TC20 heroes, new 5* heroes become extremely rare. And who wants to ascend a second or even third Thorne?

P2W players have the opportunity to choose whether a) they want to summon even more heroes knowing they won’t get the necessary items to fully ascend them for a long time or b) spend more money on the ascension deals

F2P (and to some extent C2P) cannot choose. They accumulate their mats and need to wait months until they (maybe) finally get a hero worth ascending (a second Joon or Lianna probably yes, a second Justice most probably not).

Also, a great 5* hero at 3/70 is still quite useful, while 25 scopes without hero are worthless. I’d rather have to choose whether to fully ascend Ariel, Frida, and Finley while the other two have to stay at 3/70 than have to wait for a blue hero to use my 25 scopes (having only three more Thornes and a second Isarnia) :flushed:

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Actually the shop provides ascension items every single week. But like everything in this game, is gambling. You may spend 600 gems and get lucky or you may spend 6000 and don’t get the unfarmable AM you’re chasing. And those loot boxes are for P2W. As C2P I cannot afford such a risk. Besides, like was mentioned above, C2P and F2P don’t need to…

This is my exact argument for P2P that complain about lack of mats.

I personally have purchased twice in the 6 months playing, because I’ve experienced this burnout before in another game I rage quit L O L.

There is a balance as whatever style player you are. But I understand that you must be consistent in this style.

Also it’s a lack of some certain materials that some people just can’t get there hands on or if they do it’s used straight away like compass or gloves! They have to choose who they going to use it on.
Also with summons you don’t know who your getting I got a load of blue, and if you keep getting the same colour of decent heros then it becomes more of a pain haha!

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