Who next, who next?

Have enough scopes and tabards. Please any advise on who to ascend next?

Ariel & Sartana OR Alasie & Kunchen.


Ariel & Sartana, or Kunchen if u don’t have a tank

Obakan & Domitia :star_struck:

Sartana, Kunchen, Ariel and Alasie aren’t worth the last ascension. :wink:

Looks more like a ridiculous bragging than a serious question. :zipper_mouth_face:

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no its a serious question. you think this is something to boast when people have full roster of 5 stars and heroes of every colour…hmmm. it’s just like RNG that I have abundance of ice and dark 5 star heroes. I lack fire and holy heroes very badly as a flip side.

I thought of going ariel and kunchen because (as they said), can’t have enough healers! But I see your points, balance healer with attackers.

Ok, then there are at least 2 possibilities.

  1. You lack healers
  2. You lack hitters

  1. Ariel, Kunchen
  2. Alasie, Sartana

All 4 are almost the best of their elements, if not 4 of the best overall.

After that Domitia and probably never Obakan.

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I like Obakan over Domitia

But yes so many good heroes to choose from


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