Who is your LEAST favorite 4* hero and why?

Despite me not liking Hu Tao I do put him on my War defence with Li Xiu and 2 purple healers, because I guess with the revenge arrows the misses from Hu and mana depletion from Li are super annoying - anyway I don’t get attacked much iin War ))

I gotta learn to account for that 32% of the population…

Although I meant what I said about the reliability of his skill.

Least Favorite: Wu Kong. If any single thing is obviously the “best” or “must-have” solution, then balance is poorly implemented. I hate him for this reason, and won’t use him at all.

But least useful? That has to be Hu Tao, yeah.

I hate wu Kong aswell, he’s definitely not useless, but I hate him

And you had to start off with dissing my personal favourite 4*-tank, now did you? :stuck_out_tongue: I consider Kashhrek the best 4* tank around, period.

Least favourite for me has to be Skittleskull. 4-star AoE’s just lack oomph, and he’s slow as well? Urgh… The only thing I like about Skittleskull is that she’s one ugly green hag. She scores in the art department.


I wouldn’t diss Kashhrek. He’s very decent as a centre tank on defence. I also sometimes take him to a titan fight as an alternative healer since I don’t have that much choice between him, Sabina and Kiril.

You guys are giving me ideas… :grin:


I maxed my Kashrek… staple for AW


I agree - I was so pleased to get Skittleskull as he’s my first 4* - but what a disappointment he is. Usually gets killed before he’s even had one strike. Grrr

Personally. I hate Colen. Because I got him. He’s my fourth 4* and I already have a 3/30 boldtusk.

I can’t see bothering with Colen any time soon he doesn’t fill any current need for me :frowning: so I hate him. Tons.

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20 characters

For Titan and Raids and Events you might want to have 2-3 leveled red 4stars. Colen ain’t too bad for those, he can play any position

Don’t think a Slow mana that hits All enemies is gonna ever be my go to for a Titan. Maybe for raids eventually but it would be in the range of 6 months before I focus on feeding him.

I know he isn’t useless. He’s just not helpful for me in my current situation. So as a result I hate him :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know much about your progression in the game - but trust me, you will :smiley:

PS: Colen tile damage is pretty good. Titan is about tile damage - not specials in the first place (sure for WuKong its only the special^^)

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Boomer. It’s a shame that such a great looking character ends up being so weak.

Dude looks like he’s about to beat you with an anchor, and then decides instead to slap you with a handful of sand.


I’ve been searching around for more info on this… this was news to me. I found some good old posts. But it seems like a guide to this (from 7DD or coppersky? There isn’t anything with that guide title on these forums I can find or on reddit. Or on either of those sites.) would be really helpful for us bloody newbs :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks for the heads up. I did try to throw up a 3-red team today with the understanding of WHY they’re better, and it looks like I’m on the path of improving my Titan damage … and I’m working on spreading the good word to my alliance :slight_smile:

So a note on Kash! Dude is awesome as a middle man on Defense! Got to give him that. :slight_smile:

Chao. Dude is a total wimp. He is like a flea touching me - in battle. Love when he is in a line up, its like there is an empty hero slot.

Now understand also, when I first starting playing I think he was the first 4* I fully ascended… he was ok back then because of whom I was facing (more like players). Before the wars were released I fed him to Musashi (still kicking myself for that in a sense, he’s better than most of the 3*'s I have fully ascended I hang onto for the challenge events).

In closing - Nearly every other 4* puts up a better fight than him.


Hu Freaking Tao. I am forced to use him since he’s my only yellow 4* but he is a paaaaaaain to play with. Yeah, his blindness special is cool but aside from raids you can always take arrows with you that do the same. His angry panda face refuses to level his special, at one point I had 3 spare of him, even with those 3 duplicates and somewhere near 80% chance, he still went “special? what special lol” and is sitting on his panda ■■■ with 5/8 special skill :frowning:

Kashrek is useless everywhere except raids defense. He is a pain to kill off even with a good board. I have him at 2/50-something and not planning to level him at all.

Your panda is 5/8 special on 4/70? Thats really bad and means he leveled up only once O_O??