Who is your LEAST favorite 4* hero and why?

We already have a topic on favorites, so an opposing topic seems fitting.

My least favorite so far has been Kashhrek. I have used all three that I have collected almost immediately for leveling another hero. For me, his only enduring quality is his health.

I am sure that some people will mention Little John. The reason that I do not is that I sometimes like to use him on weak missions being able to hit all enemies at once. I have also heard bad things about Cyprian, but I do not share them. For someone without a 5*'s strong hero, his has been a powerhouse shield, especially during wars. My trust in his special ability may be mislead, however. I cannot tell for certain how much good it is really doing.

But enough about me. How about you?

In terms of least favourite in terms of me using them, Cyprian. Not because he’s especially bad, but because he’s the easiest for me to deal with in raids. If I find him that easy to take down as an opponent, I don’t want to waste too much of my time using him either.
That didn’t stop me levelling him to 3/60 though. There’s a difference between least favourite and considering him too useless to level at all.

Least favorite of all is Hu Tao. Wouldn’t spend even ham on him. Li xiu also doesn’t deserve orbs but she has utilities like mana control. Hu Tao just sits on the corner waiting to be killed. Takes too long to fire and even after that he still doesn’t make a mess like colen or little John

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Hu Tao is near the bottom of my list, but he’s annoying when his special goes off, which puts him ahead of Cyprian who doesn’t even manage that much. Certainly not one to waste resources on unless I have no other yellows to work on, which won’t happen soon.

I don’t like Cyprian either but consider he is facing a 5* team. The only normal 5* with the ability to remove riposte is Domitia, and still she will take damage to do so. On 4* level we have a lot of debuffers but for 5* riposte when activates is a pain in the ***. I only remember Zeline out of the regular ones, but there must be more (I know I don’t have any and everytime he fires riposte someone will be damaged). So that’s my point for putting Cyprian above Hu Tao on my list.

Boomer, because he is a rare event hero and doesnt Boom anything.


Wu Kong… Because when I use his special I am to average a 65% miss rate but when I fight him the opponent only seems to have a 12% miss rate.

But seriously, boril didn’t deal much damage - yet his riposte is the only one that really defends against Wu Kong… Cyprian doesn’t have enough defense to survive against the 185% damage bonus. And unless you’re fighting Wu Kong riposte isn’t worth using.

Lil John is squishy but I as well only really use him for low level farming. Hu Tao has never presented a threat to me so I’d vote him as the weakest link.

But as far as last favorite… I do still think it is Wu Kong. His skill is just too unreliable, I can at least count on the rest to do what’s expected.

Kashrek. Mainly because I have gotten him twice now from the summon portal.

But seriously, I don’t like the idea that his one and only functionality is to be an above-average tank on raid defense. He is a liability on titans and raid offense (poor tile damage, limited-area heals), little use in adventure, and god awful in events. Just seems criminal to make a 4* hero only function in the smallest of niches.

Hahaha, that’s always been my first thought when I see him. I don’t even count him…

Seeing that you have two, try one on each side of your tank… That’s enough to make some people cry, and gets around the limited area healing a bit.

Personally, I despise Gormek. Two many points thrown into HP. If he dies before that special skill goes off, he really hasn’t done much more for you than be a door stop.

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Hu Tao. Noone below.

And spend 8 shields maxing two Kashreks? No thanks LOL, I’m not exactly swimming in ascension items. But your suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

True. I really hadn’t taken the thought that far. It just made me chuckle to think about how irritating a team like that would be to face. Especially if the tank in the middle was nasty enough. I’d be hitting that reroll button pretty quick. LOL.

I have a soft spot for Cyprian. He carried me through my first intermediate event at 3/60. It was teltoc, and a joy to see kong and others kill themselves. The one I least like is Chao. Totally ignore him in raids.

It’s kind of a weird question. Most of the people answering are playing with full 5* teams. Pretty much any 4* team will be beat by a fully ascended 5* team. Hu Tao is great… so is Kashrek… If you’re playing against another 4* team. I don’t really care for Skittleskull or Sonia because I think there are better for those colors, but any 4* can be good if they are being used properly. ** also, I have every regular 4* fully ascended.

skittleskull. My first 4* green hero and i haven’t leveled him much yet

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Hu-Tao. And I wasted orbs on him before I knew better ! Doh.

If I ever pull him again I will feed him to Belith to make me feel better

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Skittleskull I suppose. I have never levelled him and I pretty much ignore him during raids. Hu Tao is not that bad on raid defense. When unlucky, I have lost because of him, when he was positioned in the middle or next to the middle. If he does manage to go off blinding all your heroes, it IS pretty annoying and you can lose when you start misfiring your specials.

Unbelievable… Wu is the best!
I’d say Hu Tao is simply really crappy
If u bringing Wu to the discussion here then u havent scored good titan points, havent reaized he is the most used hero in the game, on top of most events. Give the monkey a chance and u wont regret

:joy::joy::joy::joy: I have a strong feeling he was joking around