Who is your favorite hero to use on offense?

What are your favorite heroes to play with? Not strongest or best per se, but the ones that make you smile when they are on the team. Just for fun, as I’m curious what other heroes I should try out on raids or events.

My current favorite 5* is Malosi. Underrated in my opinion, and an absolute blast to play with on offense. Very satisfying when you can shut down someone like Telly, Elena, or JF. “No buffs for you!!!”

Favorite 4* is currently is Gullinbursti. Double health for everyone! Fun special animation and he’s just so darn entertaining.

Along the same lines, favorite 3* is Grevle. The expression on his face is adorable. Kind of like an exasperated older sibling along for the ride to make sure you don’t kill yourself.


That would be Mitsuko, 100%. Absolutely love the way Vela and Finley kill themselves on reflect.


Killhare absolutely crushes it.

Everyone loves a reckless swing


@Archaeo80 they’re describing your lineup with Mitzy and Killhare. I’m quite jealous :crazy_face:

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My favorite 5* to play is Norns.
I barely use her because her special is quite tricky, but I just love the animation! :heart_eyes:
As a 4*, I love Kashhrek. It was one of my first 4* heroes and I just love his stats and the way he heals. He got even better with the costume


I have her but haven’t leveled. Hmmm, should go back to that. RNGesus has blessed me with an over abundance of yellow so Norns got benched in favor of leveling Ranvir for titan teams.

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I use her a lot on wars.
Cause with her I can get 2 strong teams against the enemy tank.
Besides that… Her special doesn’t work on defense, and on offense I think there are plenty of other heroes better


Hansel. I really like tactically timing shutdowns, and then I make a game of feeding as much mana as possible to my victims in 3 turns. I also like playing with Hansel & Gretel, trying to beat the entire enemy squad without letting them use a single skill


Black Night. He wins me so many battles its insane.


This guy, AKA “All Your Buffs Are Belong to ME!” :wink:


He’s really fun against Aegir in particular, but any team that has loads of buffing heroes, I’ll bring him along and it makes it a lot easier, and a lot of fun, too! (EDIT: Also… they buffed his damage recently, too! He hits like a truck on fire!)

Good gaming!


I take Ariel everywhere so I might say she is my fav. I also consider her my luckiest pull.


She is fun. I use her in a 3 2 team, with 3 purple.
Works pretty well.

Against tell my favourites are grave, zim grazul.

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Hel is my favorite. She shuts down the mana for any 3 enemies or a titan. A great tank too.


I like Onatel a lot. Her special is devastating if used properly.

Also i really like Queen of Hearts she shuts down aoe characters and shes so tough she can take a few serious hits and survive


I want to agree with you, i really do. But as someone lacking Onatel I’m going to have to say that she is awful and should be nerfed. :wink: But srsly, she’s a beast.

@Fizban I’m guessing you would be a big fan of Lady Loki and the still beta Lord Loki :smiley:

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5 — Mitsuko. For the same reason as @Ian487

4 — Proteus. Lets me do so many things. Marginal board? Freeze 3 and toss tiles at them to improve it. Good board? Freeze 3 and focus on killing the others while they die slowly. And bosses never fire in PvE.

3 — Kvasir. Even though his debuff is most useful against enemy Kvasir, it’s just a ton of fun to let the bee spam go at that level. I want Bera so badly for the same reason.


I have a lot of fun with Kvasir, and bring him on the world map a lot for farming (e.g. Atlantis Rising). Mine is +6, but his bulk and minions are excellent, and the fast speed killer. Sometimes I will play with a passive-only or DoT-only team, and Kvasir just makes it so much fun.

In a similar vein, I love using Valeria for farming because of her Very Fast speed and stackable DoT. For giggles, I did a Very-Fast only farming team (2x Valeria, Margaret, Malosi and Vlad) before dropping Vlad for Kvasir. Just totally destroyed the enemy mobs, and after murdering the middle I would just ghost tiles and charge with every 3-match. Fun!

I also have a lot of fun with my mono-Yellow squad, that includes Joon-costume, Inari and Malosi. Many times Inari’s dodge + Joon’s blind will make an enemy AoE attack miss completely. Won a raid last night where Vela and Zimkitha just completely missed me, then Malosi blocked Kunchen’s defense down…

Another fave farming / world map team is Kiril, Isarnia, Lepus, Jack O’Hare and Gregorion. attack buff, defense down, two hard-hitting Springvale heroes and a crit booster.

And of course, Proteus and Hansel especially against enemies that charge mana. Let’s me pop off-color diamonds with ease.

Seshat also often comes along when Proteus does. Her replicating minions allow her to tank serious hits, and she can snipe back - she’s been my last hero standing so many times.

Lastly, I am appreciating Elena more and more on Valhalla Hard stages AND on raids. I’ve watched many enemy snipers suicide on her riposte, and the Fighter talent is icing on the cake.


I just leveled Malosi. I love him. 6 tiles then i laugh when i target jf, gm, vela, aegir or bk

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We talking in raids or levels? When it comes to levels, I take Wilbur with me everywhere I go. Raids, I take my knight with me most places. Love my knight.


Seshat at +10 with a level 20 4* crit troop is my best offensive player, the replicating minions is a crazy defence for a sniper, together with the debuffing she can shoot big holes into the defence of any opponent.


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