Who is your favorite 4* Hero and Why?

Who is your favorite 4* Hero and why?
I’m not thrilled with mine but have several I could level up and just not sure they are worth the time and resources to do so. I’m hoping to hear your thoughts. Boldtusk seems to be a favorite, even with the top 100 players… Thanks ahead of time.

He was but he is a shell of his former self I like cyprian his special kills me every time, I just recently got him a ten pull can’t wait to get him leveled, I also like the new green reptile Kashhrek seems he may be useful have him also in same ten pull. Like the fact that his special does 2 things heals and defense against ice.

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My favorite is Colen…cause he’s a hottie :grin:

Seriously, I want to get Sabina…I would love to finally have a bad-■■■ healer…

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Yes she was good I had her but before the update when you could lock your heroes I accidentally fed her to tibrutus
And yes there was some verry bad words said that day she ap was sitting at 3rd ascension fully level ready to and waiting for 1 ascension item. Kick myself every time I fight her.

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Boldtuck he is still a game changer even thou they made some changes then caedmon

I love my two front line hitters. Gormek and Sonya. Great team and when backed by Sabina they are wonderful to play. Not the strongest or most powerful, that is true, but I like them anyway. :grin:

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I got Cyprian as my first hero. Hated the guy. I fed him to another hero eventually - glad to get rid of him. He did nothing and find him easy to beat on raids.


Why Sabina over rigard? Curious.

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I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me it is a simple need. I needed Sabina’s ability to remove buffs from the others more than Rigard’s special. But that is just my personal preference. :grin:


That’s why I like caedmon. Then I can use rigard for healer.


I would love Rigard over Sabina on my team. Guy is hard to kill, and with Caedmon he’d be pretty great. I also have a soft spot for my Kiril, I got him from an elemental summon extremely early on and he’s gotten me through the grind without fault. I wouldn’t have made it in the game without his heals.

Mainly for me I find the 4*s that I like are the ones that are a pain in raids.

Rigard - Fast heal and good health make him an annoying tank.

Colen - I will ALWAYS kill this guy before he can fire his special. Currently he’s a little too deadly for my liking.

Out of the 4*s that I have, my favourites are currently Caedmon and Kiril. Coincidentally they are also the highest level. Got to love my silver foxes :wink:


Prolly because it irks me to have been operating this long without a healer, and I want a healer/debuffer in one. My play style is more offensive than defensive, so I’d rather strip buffs from my enemies to kill them than perhaps go wholly heal heal on myself.

(Maybe I just wasnt paying attention.) :laughing:


To use for defense, Li Xiu, to use in an offensive team, probably Sonya, because she helped me with so many clutch wins, stripping the buffs off an enemy team.


Agreed. Rigard and Colen are a pain in my backside during raids, sometimes more so than most 5 stars. I don’t have either of them so I can’t say too much though.

Caedmon - Great balance between good defense, a powerful special attack, and a handy debuff.

Grimm - Not such great defense, but a powerful hitter for an attack team.

Li Xiu - An awesome hero for your defense team. You will find that most top players are using her, and a lot of them are putting her in the tank position.

There are others too, I could go on all day. The 4* tier just seems to be filled with some great heroes!


I think a lot of 4* is great and it depends on the set-up in your teams and how it works together.I focus on having different abilities in my teams and my 3 teams is a little different, 1 for raids/map, 1 for titans and 1 for defense. I love all of my 4*'s: Hu Tao, Kiril, Boldtusk and Caedmon, and Grimm for attack. I like Rigard too, because I hate to meet him on a raid. And in raids I often have more difficulties fighting a well balanced and strong team of 4* s than one with several 5*.


This is what I’m running into as well. Dearly levelled 4s are much more menacing than unascended 5s.


Merlin is the single most tactical hero for raiding with. He completely changes the strategy against many defensive teams by negating key specials such as alberich/ares, or stopping huge amounts of incoming damage from the likes of Azlar and Isarnia. In some situations you need to intentionally hit certain enemies to charge their special within a 3 turn window so that they fire mindless attack instead of their special. No other hero (4* or 5*) allowed me to change my strategy so drastically.


Wukong is by far my most used 4 star followed by Grimm which I love them both.
I get good use from Cabin boy Peter and Jackal.
My favorite would have to be Wukong.


Partial to Rigard myself. The boy can take a hit or 5, and I really treasure his cleansing, which is not very commonly found in other heroes at all. Nothing like taking a hit from a Colen or similar, or Grimm/Gormek and immediately countering it with a cleanse. Aaaaaaahhhhh. Especially good in raids where you don’t have recourse to antidotes.

Admittedly it’s because I have some depth in my debuffers (both Sonya and Caedmon) that I can swap out as needs require that leads me to keep Rigard in just about every team I put up. Only real exception is when facing strong blue opponent/titan in which I need 2 green. My lack of depth in green means I’m forced to swap Rigard out for Melandor to field strong enough twin green.

BoldTusk also appears in pretty much all my teams.

The character that gives me greatest pleasure, however, has to be Boril. Seeing a hyper-powered opponent disappears in a little puff of purple mist because he’s launched his nuke against Boril always gives me the deepest satisfaction. (I play him situationally, but still have great fun with him when I do.).


Gormek and Proteus, because both have great specials… and because for the longest time they were my only 4s :rofl: now I also have Sir Lancelot, and that’s it! Surviving on 3s here.

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