Who is your dream team?

If you could have any heroes you wanted, who would be on your dream team, and why? :wink:

I would take a 9 star titan so I can reign down fiery balls of lava on all of my enemies and fur coat haters. Next question…

Any HEROES. Reading is a skill. :grin:

C’mon MDK, I know you got this…

3 Chuck Norris’ (obviously a 7* card), 1 Jean Claude Van Damme and 1 Patrick Swayze (6*'s)

Round house kicks for everyone!

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Fine! That’s how it is? :grin:

1 Jackie Chan (5* humor card)
1 Vin Diesel (“I am GROOT!”)
1 Gandalf (6* Wizard Badass)
1 Blade (1st film only)
1 IronMan (ANY film)



I like to have at least two top characters​ the blue and red but I don’t have them yet.

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  1. Bruce Lee
  2. Spock
  3. Godzilla
  4. Jason Statham
  5. Poison Ivy (DC Comics)
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Steven Segal (younger), Bruce Lee, Lyle Alzado (la raiders), Jason Stratham

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Goku Super Sayajin 5,Naruto , Dumbledore,Harry Potter and Severo Snape -

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Extra points for listing actual hero cards. :grin:

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Out of the characters in the wheel… I’d take Marjana, Magni, Vivica, Sartana, and Kadilen. 3 Fast killers, 2 defense boosts, a healer, and a fast special defense booster.

If any characters… Athena, Hel, Ares, green hero of the month, and Vivica/yellow hero of the Month. I have some wiggle room if a HotM is a healer, especially if they aren’t a slow one.

Guess i go for Athena, Marjana, Vivica, Hell, Lianna.
Right team order too.

All women, like a boss.

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