Who is your dream team?


If you could have any heroes you wanted, who would be on your dream team, and why? :wink:


I would take a 9 star titan so I can reign down fiery balls of lava on all of my enemies and fur coat haters. Next question…


Any HEROES. Reading is a skill. :grin:

C’mon MDK, I know you got this…


3 Chuck Norris’ (obviously a 7* card), 1 Jean Claude Van Damme and 1 Patrick Swayze (6*'s)

Round house kicks for everyone!


Fine! That’s how it is? :grin:

1 Jackie Chan (5* humor card)
1 Vin Diesel (“I am GROOT!”)
1 Gandalf (6* Wizard Badass)
1 Blade (1st film only)
1 IronMan (ANY film)



I like to have at least two top characters​ the blue and red but I don’t have them yet.

  1. Bruce Lee
  2. Spock
  3. Godzilla
  4. Jason Statham
  5. Poison Ivy (DC Comics)




Steven Segal (younger), Bruce Lee, Lyle Alzado (la raiders), Jason Stratham


Goku Super Sayajin 5,Naruto , Dumbledore,Harry Potter and Severo Snape -


Extra points for listing actual hero cards. :grin:


Out of the characters in the wheel… I’d take Marjana, Magni, Vivica, Sartana, and Kadilen. 3 Fast killers, 2 defense boosts, a healer, and a fast special defense booster.

If any characters… Athena, Hel, Ares, green hero of the month, and Vivica/yellow hero of the Month. I have some wiggle room if a HotM is a healer, especially if they aren’t a slow one.


Guess i go for Athena, Marjana, Vivica, Hell, Lianna.
Right team order too.

All women, like a boss.