Who is worth the Poison Darts?

I curently have Joon and Vivica maxed out.

Poseidon - emblems are on G. Panther
Ranvir - emblems on Alberich
Onatel - emblems on Anzogh
Musashi - Rogue. I also have Marjana, Margaret x2, and Khiona

Here’s some additional info that might help. What level titans do you face? Do you have Tarlak or Miki? Also Poseidon is a fighter and GM is a barbarian so there is no conflict there. Personally I would choose Poseidon (unless you need ranvir for 12*) because he fits my preferred play style but I’ll let more knowledgeable players give their pick.

Poseidon. Added attack for you.

Or go ranvir if you are against tougher titans.

Aw man. I meant i have G. Panther with the emblems. I have Miki at 3/1. We are barely beating some 8 star titans. Mostly 7* though.

You will pull Guin in Avalon… :smiley:

But if you don’t, then i vote for Poseidon. Especially because Miki works for titans.

Oh my i would love to add Guin. I would stop feeding all Holy heroes for her

Imo, it’s a waste of emblems on Anzogh. So, I would choose Onatel. She’s magnificent. And you have already Joon as sniper.

Got s similar problem when I get 2 more darts: got no 80 yellow yet. I have Onatel and Ranvir at 3/70 … we are doing 12* titans… I prefer Onatel over Ranvir but I dont know

Onatel has been on the back burner forever. Ill get her to 3/70 atleast before i pick

Depends what other heros you have. Onatel i very powerful in raids/ wars.

Poseidon is a beast. Paired with who you have, you’d have a great trio to pair with another color for raids.

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