Who is worth taking to node 20 in the monk class?

I know the monk class gets the mana boost at node 20 and was wondering out of all the monk heroes, who it worth it to take to node 20?

Wilbur, maybe Wu Kong

I vote Wilbur and drake fong

Rana definitely worth 20 nodes

does it really make a notable difference if my Wilbur is +19 or +20 instead of +18?

I choose Wilbur over Wu Kong and Li Xiu… I don’t have 5* monks. But I think Wilbur is one of the bests 4* heroes of the game … so… he must be with full levels in my opnion

In monk class it can.
At +20 with a level 11 mana troop, Wilbur charges in 9 tiles instead of 10. (is my understanding of the 4% mana boost)

Given you often cascade tiles in 3’s, makes a big difference.


Santa. He’s a great tank but slow. Any mana boost will help him fire, get more minions and therefore stay alive longer.


Drake’s getting all my Monk emblems but I don’t plan on using that last node. I just don’t see the point of it with the troops I have

I know I am taking Li Xiu to +20 eventually because she is gonna be my most powerful hero in a bit as soon as infer enough food to take her to +11. I would save it for Leonidas but still waiting on 3 more darts for final ascension.

Mana boost interesting for heroes on your defense team. Otherwise, consider how things will change with costumes coming up fairly soon and they might provide a mana boost.