Who is this hero, that's on smallgiantgames.com homepage? [Commander Grey]

Someone knows?

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That’s costume Richard.

He is Comander Grey!


May he rest in piece… though imagine if they made a purple 5* commander Grey. Reanimated Commander Grey!

Never saw him, was he removed from S1? Some has he’s card?

Not sure if he ever was available… maybe he was just a character from the S1 storyline that hasn’t been released as a herocard?

I’d also be curious why…or why he was removed, if he ever was released in the past.

It’s commander grey.

He has never been a hero you can obtain and level. He is part of the initial plot line narrative of Season 1 and comes back a couple times later on as the guy who became a pawn of the dark Lord.

You do actually get to (briefly) “play” with a Commander Grey card as one of the very first fights you do in the tutorial.


I love how they put all the 1 and 2 star heroes that you will constantly see at the forefront to try and temper your expectations that for every Lianna (5 star) you see center stage it will be surrounded by feeders and 3 star dupes.


Here’s a slightly blurry version of Commander Grey I found on google images. (Commander Grey with red eyes, controlled by the Demon Lord). commander-grey-foto


Here’s a thought, maybe they could actually create a card for him and add him to the new taverns event

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