Who is this guy?

this guy deserves a drink for stubbornness


I agree, you owe him a drink. :grin:

Haha, I’ve seen someone like that too, full marks for effort!

I think this is more a result of how you get awarded trophies. Imagine if he only lost 3 times before beating you, given how little he lost to you he’d probably win about 45-50, and therefore come out ahead.

Of course, finding a slighter easier target would probably be an even better option…

I do that sometimes. It rewards you with 50 trophies, a few tries lost still turn out a profit. It’s also a chance to figure out how to work out a giving set. Although he really was stubborn. I usually give up in the third try and accept is a matter of lvling a bit more.

That is insane lol. He probably was drinking!

This guy didn’t even get one win

Longest attack streak I have had was 12 attacks on me by same person. So he even spent a refill to keep trying.

He won the last one :slight_smile:


That’s crazy Arien I bet that person was ticked off

He is new and don’t know how to go to the next province, poor soul.

You are replying to a thread that is six months old. :wink:

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I noticed just after sent the text :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you necromancers find these ancient threads anyway? :rofl:


I’ve clicked from suggested topics here below.

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Evil topics! :laughing:

Don’t be fooled. This is all part of @Rook’s plan to take over the world

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Shhhh…part one of my plan is to keep people in the dark! :grin:

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