Who is the greatest hero in the game?

Who is the greatest hero in this game ? A hero that embodies this game ? Please add your opinion.

Wu Kong…20 char


Rigard for the 4*
Vivica for the 5*

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For me it’s Hel…without a question


Just one hero…20…

Did we all started out with Bane ?

Danzaburro … just when you thought you are moving forward it freezes your progress often leading to a step back.


Feels like gravemaker, for the versatility and based upon the high usage amongst the top teams. If I had to pick a non HOTM. Then Kiril.

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Here is my take on Wu Kong, he embodied E & P, random misses, but when he hit it’s magical, you don’t know what you’re going to get with Kong.


Thoth-Amun and Thorne are OP. Please nerf them.


Tarlak is much better than wu!

For me its Gravemaker in all belongings. Fast hitter while using him in the attk team as well as in the def. If he hits twice all heroes are almost dead.


Ofcourse Tarlak is better in every aspect, but do you see people building a temple in Helsinki dedicating to Tarlak like the do for Wu Kong.
Tarlak do not embodied the game like Wu Kong.
I’m not talking about the best hero in their class etcs, I want to see who has the most impact. I could mention Guinevere, who actually stifle the game, can’t see many people can get Guinevere or Tarlak, but I would 90% have used Wu to Titan and raids.

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Well if you ask for the best „free“ to get hero, there is no doubt zu elekt Wu.

But if you ask for the best hero on the game my oppinion is gravemaker.

Guin is nice. But only as a tank.
Can you use her in your atk raid team? Or in the titan team or world team? Clear answer: no
She can olny be used in the centre of your def team.

Gravemaker can be used in all positions in all teams and he realy fits into all of them.


No no no, friend, I’m talking about greatest emotional impact a hero has in this game, not the best but the greatest.
Bane is a great example.


Bane is a hard worker, but it’s hard to fall in love with something you’ve always had.

The two heroes that make me happiest to now finally have are Vivica and Athena, both great cards but with an emotional attachment. Vivica is often the face of the game, leading a quest or whatever. Athena was the HotM just before I joined, and so I thought I would never get her.

If you’re going to make me vote for one, I’ll say Vivica.


Well without having the full story from s2 I would say Ariel :wink:
But the story strarts intresting


Guardian Owl embodies the game best. He requires a huge amount of patience for a strong, but still underwhelming payoff.


Okay, sorry. “Embodies E&P”

Thorne with NO CONTEST.

But not just ANY Thorne… 4/80 Thorne.

Spend all this time grinding to get him maxed, only to be disappointed and want (yet) another hero.


Another for Wu Kong. He gets more use and on more benches than any other hero. Even people with Tarlak still use him.


You have a training camp lv 20 running? Reinfeld.
You have a training camp lv 13 running? Reinfeild.
Normal summon? Reinfeild
Epic token? Him.
Event pull? Still there.
Season 2 opportunity? Nah, facepainted bastard pop up.

He should be in the logo, not Elena.