Who is the Best & Worst 2022 HOTM?

Me, for example :wink: I stopped summoning after I got him being afraid of getting second one :wink:

and abs too… if anything, Klaern deserves some respect for avoiding sugar and fatty foods :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Better: Kara, Zagrog (Because I have and use)
Less good: Klaem, Balur (reading the card)

Any news about the 2022 family

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Still no leaks of what the 2022 family bonus is? Maybe that’s the last part of the puzzle on why Klaern and Balur are so bad.

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We will see within 59 hours.


Revisiting this thread to see if balur will still be the worse hotm of 2022 after the update

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Without seeing the update, the answer is still yes…

I wish 2023 poll have several options like this to be informative than just R&N is the best in 2023 :sweat_smile:

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Value’s special looks cool though. Even he and Klaern did pretty good when fully leveled and emblemed.

I don´t think anything major changed, he´s still a sniper at avg speed, it´s just not interesting unless you have boni like Sha :smiley: But just to express an appreciation for buffs to garbage heroes: let´s put him now at second worst ahead of Klaern?


I can not agree with this…

For me the worst hero is Celidana:
Slow, heals only 3 and the protection is meh…
Then its Klaern - slow and pityful direct damage, the DoT can easily be cleansed.

And then Balur. If I had them they would all go to next SE, Celidana did it already and I did not have so much misfortune to pull more of the worst HotMs SG ever released. Even the ill received Noor, Reuben and Russel are better…

Happy gaming

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It is obvious to me that Balur is the worst. He’s the only 2022 HOTM I got.

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personally, I would put Klaern worst - slow speed, not much damage

Celidana has at least been useful to me in the Tower events, though now that I have better overhealers (that overheal all), she will be relegated to backup.

Balur… have not levelled him up yet, but I think he could be a bit better than Klaern and Celidana. I can at least imagine using him for a late 3 Kingdom flag…

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We need a hoty one who looks like Megan Fox

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We got her already…

At least, this is how she will look when she turns 40.

Dating Machine Gun Kelly will do that to a girl.


True she should date me instead!

But she did say would date me when I’m no.1 in E&P

Edit she’ll never look like that, she will always be :hot_face:

I was gonna say “who?!” but I’ve seen his name pop up on enough Buzzfeed articles… I sadly already know more than I want to know

He’s a gimp.

And she sullied herself by association.

Privileged, entitled fools!