Who is the best Tank in the game currently and why?

Would like to see what majority of people think are the best. Top 100 is really hard to judge at what would be the best hero to put at tank. Do people prefer Passive tanks or aggressive tanks?

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I’d say the best tank is the tank who matches his flanks and wings better. Personally, Bera and Gardnet are the hardest tanks > for me < to take down currently, specially paired with Frigg, Odin, Black Knight, Kitty in Boots, Cobalt and Finley. Uraeus is a hella good counter for Bera now though.

I fear Krampus more when he’s a flank. Telluria is now solid
but she had better days. Heimdall can be lethal in a medium to bad beard situation. Black Knight is always a pain but no like Bera and the red #$%&@! ninja.


Good thanks mate.

I agree with Krampus being at flank for sure. Haven’t had to much trouble with Garnet tbh.

As has been mentioned, much depends on who the tank is paired with, but for me, Frigg, cKadilen, Garnett, Bera, Krampus, and Black Knight seem the strongest—probably in something like that order. The faster the better, these days, as these heroes have some pretty OP, devastating affects if they can just manage to fire.

Guinevere is probably the best holy tank, but that’s not saying much as there have been so many extremely strong dark attackers released since her heyday that yellow tanks are just too easily destroyed.

Telluria, Heimdal, Freya, Odin, and Kutchen are all solid as well.

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My favorite is this leafy guy.

What 3* tank do you prefer?


bad beard situation ?



Grevie is my favorite 3* tank.


It is mainly based on your heroes and your strategic skills?
In my case , I have most difficulty to meet Bera as Tank. In second place maybe Frigg.

All others are manageable at equal terms for me so the board play a larger role.

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Best tank is wholly subjective.

I’m seeing a lot BK tanks at the top but I have a super aggressive Blue mono that I’ll always roll out. If I get it going it doesn’t matter what is surrounding BK usually.

My mono Yellow isn’t quite as good so I struggle more against Purple tanks. Bera and Freya annoy the bejeezus out of me.

LOL! That’s for sure a bad beard situation. Poor Sargasso he could at least dispell buffs from him targets… anyway, I’ve meant bad boards. :joy::joy::joy:

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I miss my barber too. Closed for lockdown for almost two months! :cry:
Back to topic: I prefer my Queen (I have no BK or Telluria or any of the others mentioned).

Guin still the Queen :crown: why because I have her \m/ :+1:


why does 100% = x?
ie. 100%of 1457 = 1457

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Im not great with all that number stuff know a dude who is @Gryphonknight.
Maybe he can help yall out or anyone else wanna jump in…

Then keep on topic after :wink::+1:

As others have mentioned, the ‘best’ tank is the one you consistently have a poor record in beating. This itself is dependent upon your own roster and luck with pulls.

I can take out any green tank with relative ease now, so even a DEF 1000+ Heimdall can fall quite quickly in the correct circumstances against my red stack.

Purple tanks I find more troublesome because of lack of yellow heavy attackers. Bera and (the very dreaded) Alfrike are especially difficult for me. Where Bera is just annoying, Alfrike is fearsome.

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Grevel is nice.
Gunnar costume gets a vote too from me,

I don’t think you will get a straight answer… because some of us are focusing on hero synergy… so which tank I use depends on circumstance and which flanks I can synergize with the best.

Also… is this convo open to 3 and 4 star tanks ? Lol

Good question. It was intended to 5 stars only but sure why not. I understand why there will probably never be a definitive answer to which tank is the best in the game. After all it only takes about 3/4 Tiles of the strongest colour with a full Mono attack team to kill any tank in the game.

Quick note:

Aggressive tanks (e.g. hitters): I like to flank with healer and defensive flank. With snipers on wings,

Passive tanks (e.g. healer): I like to flank with hard hitting AOE. Defense down on left and maybe dot on right.

Too many variables to consider (and also due to limits on who owns what hero)… very difficult to determine a “best” tank.

However… any players can note what their favorite tank and flank combo is. :thinking:

Umm, 100% means 100/100 times the number, just as 30% means 30/100 times the number.

So 100% of x is x.


For me, my best tank is the one I have which is, unfortunately, either Justice or C.Elena.

The hardest tanks I face are dark since my holy team is the least varied. So I struggle against Ursena (among others).

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