Who is the best HOTM and who is the worse so far in your opinion?

Anz Frida Yun Frida Anz

I’d reroll…

The question isn’t whether or not she provides something different, it is whether or not that something different is worthwhile. It’s not a matter of not having the correct tool for the job, it’s a matter of wasted resources. If your work has two expensive sets of necessary tools but your employer is worried that one may break during the big job, is it better for them to purchase an equally expensive refurbishing kit that may or may not be able to prevent one of the sets from breaking, or would it simply be better to use those funds for a third set of tools so that if one of the sets breaks you’re still left with two and if none break you have the added utility of a third set of tools?

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The Good:

  1. HEL - there can only be one - the legend (Sometime i will get her)
  2. ZELINE - amazing everywhere (I want her more than Kingston…)
  3. GRAVEMAKER - very good choice - fast, faster Gravy. I have this guy and he burns a lot

The Bad:

  1. THOTH AMUN - Useless --> Seshat shows him how it works…)
  2. ANZOGH - Useless - except a big, fat red stack
  3. MAGARET - Bad design - needs initial damage like Ranvir to get some use

and the Ugly:
…MAGNI - good hero but very bad art (ludicrous and washed out) …no HotM

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I like Anzogh… I use him on my farm team and in wars. He works well in a 3/2 strategy in raids and wars. I have GM, Zim, Anzogh, Azlar, Khagan, Marjana, Santa, Red Hood and Natalya all leveled… Natalya is almost always still left on the bench after wars. By the time she fires, and actually starts doing damage, their whole team is dead. There are just very few times where she is helpful. Anzogh heals and damages all. That works much better for me.


Same here, missus got it and even tells to like using her… But meh, yeah…

Anzo is another one of the complimentary heroes that have been released recently - Falcon into Zim into Anzo does some nice group damage and pulls your team back up health wise.

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Most HoTM are great which is good thing.

Few others are more on the underwhelming side:

Aegir is a perfect example of an underwhelming hero turned into a great one after his buff. Other heros need the same treatment.


Everytime I come against Hel, If I could not kill her on time, I’ll just make sure Kunchen or Rigard is ready to counter her special.
GM is more annoying because he charged up much faster.

Disagree. Lots of rebounds to corral in this scenario.

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Natalya was already buffed, but that didn’t make her a great hero. She is only good against Albi or MN in the corner - a small but valuable niche.
But I agree, compared to Aegirs buff, her’s was not existent.

Exactly, she could use more looking into.
Generally, the underwhelming heros would make you question what to do with them at 3.70

Aeron is a frequent top 100 hero


I think, like many others here that Gravemaker and Hel are the best two. I wish I had them. But as somebody said, the best hero is one that you have. I’ll go through the HOTM’s that I have and give my opinion on them.

Natalya-I really like her even if some don’t, with a strong troop she does over 1000 damage which bypasses defense buffs with a big mana generation debuff. I’ve given her emblems and she’s in my defence team.

Delilah-Another great Hotm in my opinion. The minions make her very fun to play with. I’ve given her emblems and she’s in my defence team.

Aeron-Not a bad Hotm at all. The heal is a little low but still helpful and the resist skill can be very useful. The fact his healing doesn’t increase if you give him emblems is disappointing.

Alasie-A better sniper than Magni in my opinion. I’m still delighted that I got her. I’ve given her emblems

Drake Fong-Only got him recently and no materials to ascend him. I will give him emblems when I max him as I think he’s very strong.

Aegir-Brilliant since the buff. I’ve given him emblems and he’s in my defence team as tank.

Zimkitha-The hit is weak but the attack buff is useful but the fast cleanse is so useful. I’ve given her emblems and she’s in my defence team.

Frida-The average mana is her only slight negative but because she’s average her hit is harder than Evelyns. A hit from her then Alasie and it’s goodbye most heroes. She also debuffs. I wish I’d emblems for her but Aegir gets them as tank.

Anzogh-Not the greatest Hotm ever but I like him. He’s no difference maker to a roster but I’m glad I got him. I’m even thinking of giving him emblems but holding off for now and might give them to Sartana.

Margaret-Probably my weakest Hotm. If you’re attacking a team full of snipers (especially Alasie or Magni) then she’s gold-dust. Other than that she’s a bit of a passenger.

Ranvir-Wu Kong was getting killed very easily by the tougher titans. Now I’ve a sturdier upgrade. Delighted to get him.

Seshat-The initial hit is slightly down in power on other snipers but overall I think that she’s wonderful.

Out of my Hotm’s its easy enough to pick the weakest (Margaret) even though I’m glad that I got her. Picking the strongest is tougher, different heroes shine in different circumstances. I’ve always favoured healers and snipers when raiding but then a non-sniper Frida makes Alasie even better and I use Frida on titans but not Alasie. Zimkitha with her cleanse has helped me in raiding immeasurably but her weak hit is less valuable than her attack buff. I love the uniqueness of Natalya. Delilah is such a fun hero. Aeron is second tier but I love the resist skill. Aegir is a brilliant tank and great in all circumstances really. Ranvir is king of titans for me now but I never use him raiding. Seshat is a souped up Domitia and is fantastic. I couldn’t pick one of these.


I have Zim and she is just great, she has helped me to counter GM, along with Rigard; however I think she is not the best, just like Zeline is not either.

Aegir became a very decent tank, but he still needs good flanks to shine, so, far from being the best, too.


We all rant about Magaret. Me too. But there has to be some praise, too. SGG tried to bring variety with her and that’s a very good thing! She only needs a little help…


Agreed. Make her able to dodge anything targeting the team like Inari, not just damage, and raise the floor to like 35% and she’s totally reasonable


Rebound after rebound for 47 minutes 59 seconds. Drop one finally at the buzzer and win 2-0.

I have two HOTM and I use them regularly: Aeron and Gregorion. I would say neither is among the worst. They are both at least on par with my better classic 5* like Joon or Sartana. I have fought Margaret many times in raiding and if not killed quickly she (or neighbors) does dodge at least once or twice in the match. I’d still prefer her over Thoth.

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Ranvir is my favorite in all game, and i have grave maker, alasie, Athena, tarlak, kunchen, Evelyn, etc, etc… I realy love that Centaur!!


The same happened with me!!

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