Who is the best HOTM and who is the worse so far in your opinion?

But I think it based on factor in defense only (appearance Top 100 in defense). So maybe for offense Hel should be in Top 5, I thought… IMO.

That is only one aspect of the game though; raid defense. Which is arguably the least important.


I don’t find GM overwhelming, either. I have Ariel as well, though. More people don’t. He got a lot easier to deal with once I had her maxed.

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Top 5, for sure. But Gravy is 2x better than Guin on Defence and a top 5 offence hitter - that makes him the uncontested “best HotM” - near as much as that can be measured.

I’m not arguing for him bc I have him - I don’t - and yes, he can be beaten - but i really don’t see much of an objective debate here - particularly since it’s widely recognized that SG measures and mitigates all subsequent HotM power levels by a GM / Guin standard so as to not make “those mistakes” (ie over powered heroes) again.


I have Zimkitha and Ariel, but GM is always a problem…

I definitely lose to him sometimes, but I lose to a lot of heroes :rofl:


GM is insane in offense. With mana troops he needs only 3 ghost tiles to charge.
In defense many people use him as tank which he isn’t. Just not enough tanky stats. But I once faced Aegir flanked by two emblemed GMs and I failed miserably.

I’m not sure there’s a magic amount of time with a thin roster that converts a hero who isn’t a great fit for you into a hero who is. All it does is make you an expert in losing with that hero on the field.

You can carry an Allen wrench every day to a jobsite that only uses philips head bolts and not become an expert in Allen wrenches. Using it to pound nails in will just convince you of what a sucky hammer it is.

When you’re already underpowered and thin, giving up a slot that could increase your ability to reliably kill is a mistake. On the ther hand, when you have plenty of firepower, sacrificing a firepower slot for better protection is a very different proposition.

Dennis Rodman on a team that can’t score is pretty useless. Rebounds and defense don’t, by themselves, add points to the board. But on a team with multiple good offensive weapons, a crack rebounder gives a lot of margin.

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As a tank he punishes bad boards fast.

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I don’t have any experience with him on offense, but I’m sure he is amazing. I just fear enemy specials so much that I feel Hel is all around more useful in that area.

Obviously your opinion is valid. And I personally don’t have either Hel or GM - so I can only reference data - and the data from a consensus of top 100 players is, and has remained, Crystal Clear for a year or more - GM is undisputed King.

Of course a lot of it is opinion. We all talk about Guin being the best tank and then SG releases data that shows Boss Wolf has a higher win percentage. It also depends on what criteria we are using. I am definitely biased. I will say that I got Hel the month that she and GM were both featured. Obviously I wanted both, but I was hoping for Hel a little more. I still wish I had GM.

I personally think Natalya is the worst Hotm that I have leveled. Based on my playing style, she is as close to useless as you can get.

I haven’t faced Natalya very often at all.

Assists per game: 1.8
Steals per game: 0.7
Blocked shots per game: 0.6
Rebounds per game: 13.1
Points per game: 7.3
Free throw %: 58.4%

He was a tenacious defender who didn’t block shots effectively, and he was the best rebounder ever. He was so far from an all-rounder that it’s not even a conversation. Heck, he averaged fewer blocks per game than Scottie pippen.

I get that you’re not happy I’m disagreeing with you, but 90s Bulls was not the right analogy to pick.


I :heart_decoration: the 90’s Bulls. Saw them play live once in their prime. Have a family friend who was a deep bench player for them for a few seasons. I got to wear a couple championship rings once at church when I was a kid.

I enjoyed Magic/Bird - but nothing will ever top Jordan at his prime for me. It was magical.


Margaret must be the worst I pulled her every summons

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@Dante2377 certainly made that argument in explaining why he broke down and ascended TA. And that seems like a very reasonable strategy to me.

But GP is much rarer than TA, which leaves most people with an underpowered hero who is basically weak damage with decent survivability.

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Anzogh is not that bad… not great but not tne worst

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IMO he is worst red HoTM

Ares have powerfull buffs and usefull HoT

Natalya have undispellable fire effect and mana debuff

GM is very powerfull

Zim is fast cleaner and buffer, she is one of the most annoying hero in raids for me

Anzogh isn’t terrible hero, his project is very interesting but others are better

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