Who is the best HOTM and who is the worse so far in your opinion?

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Seshat is the one I think I fear the most, and try to avoid in raids and wars - especially Field Aid wars.
Her and Alberich are annoying as hell.

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I actually use her more now, its the dodge that matters though, so many times it keeps a hard hitter alive to strike the final blow. Or a healer alive to stop the bleeding :grin:. I will continue to level her up.


I got Maggie the month she came out, no hit, 20-90% chance to dodge.

Leveled her right away, no regrets whatsoever, saved my rears more times than I can remember.

To me the worsto HOTM now is between Noor and Thoth-Amun.

@antiEc Anzogh is great, he is currently in my Telluria fight team (no red snipers here), along with Grazul, BK, G. Falcon and Zimkitha, and he is key to my wins. With BK boost and Falcon def reduction he heals almost as Vivica/Ariel.

Do you know he resists mana gen reduction?

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I have zero of your best

Two of your worse…m

Do have:

Purple: Khiona, Kunchen
Yellow: Delilah, Drake Fong, Onatel, Bai Yeong, Ranvir
Blue: Frida, Vela, Raffa
Red: Grazul, Zimkitha, Gravemaker, Anzogh
Green: Tellu, Evelyn, Gregorion, Zocc, Alberich

The best overall for me are the ones i use on all aspects of the game (attack, titan, defense):

Gravemaker and Vela

Worst for me are the ones who are not good for more then one aspect of the game (Titanspecialists, Attack only guys) :


Most heroes i only use on offense but they are usable on defense without alternatives (like Grazul on defense or Zocc on Titans). Someare actually great on defense but i simply have no space for them.

Worst overall for me is Noor.

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@PeachyKeen and anybody else who has an answer:

Since Margaret’s buff, do you find her more useful? Is she significantly better or just minorly better…OOORRRR…is she just a no?


Best i have:

Jean Francois
Bai yeong

Those i dont have :angry:

1 Noor minion soaks up Ursena, Vela and GM special and is still standing. No way can she be worst when you have at least Perseus, Aeron and Thoth Amun loitering around


You should read my post again. I just gave my opinion based on variables i picked.

You can use all HotMs in all aspects of the game sure but some are just good in one aspect while others are really good in 2 or 3 aspects of the game like Grave or Vela or even Ares.

Heroes like Grazul aren’t good on titans or defense in my opinion but really awesome on offense. Same with Miki on Titans.

Noor on the other hand isn’t a specialist. She is worse on offense and defense then nearly all atk/def hybrids. Its a close call between her Perseus and Thoth Ammun though. I just think they are slightly better on offense then Noor.

Edit: worst doesn’t meen unusable for me btw. her Minions are great and the elemental link as well so she adds a lot of defensive bulk to your red stack but to me she is the worst of all red Hotms and just slightly worse then other not so good ones.

i got thoth aimun, obakan, perseus , rafaelle, noor…believe it or not and all of them got bad reviews…if i can ask which is the best among those worst 5star heroes that i have?

I would say Raffaele. He only got poor reviews in comparison to Ariel IMHO and is not a bad hero at all.

Raffa is a great 5* Healer. Normally you want to pair a Fullteam Healer with a secondary one that heals over time. He fills both roles and therefore you have a free spot. The Clean-Effect as Bonus on top also makes him great Partner for fast Cleaneffects (like c-sonya, c-caed and Zimkitha).

I wasn’t sold on him untill i used him on 3.70 together with Vela.

it can be relatively easy to have a list based on power/uniqueness/expected role roughly like:

best 5 each color not in order:

  • athena (very unique and useful again red titans).
  • drake (arguably the best yellow on defense)
  • seshat (similar to drake plus she dispel 3 which is highly useful and replicating minions is basically healing)
  • Evelyn/Kingston both are great and offer unique status ailments. (almur makes Evelyn less unique now) telluria isn’t mentioned because she got nerfed she is barely useful outside being tank.
  • Gravemaker (top tier on attack and defense)

many best heros dropped out of the “best” list commonly because they are easily countered now, better options available or not unique anymore (albrich, kunchen…etc) but they are still good

Worst ones (basically not worth the materials and need to be buffed):

  • Ares (easily countered by a dispeller, buffing nearby is underwhelming unless it is a tank, the last nail was shadereave is now a better choice against titans)
  • thoth (weak damage compared to all fast hit 3 heros, single minion summon that does nothing special)
  • aeron (low healing equal to telluria post nerf, partial cleanse and rigard costume and kunchen existing)
  • perseus (there are better snipers, nature defense buff seems
  • grimble (unique concept but low damage making other options better)
  • noor (pretty underwhelming in most aspects despite the amazing passive and strong minions)

i am sure i missed a few but the list is clear and very common i believe.

Open ended question. Best and worst for what end? Overall best “Jack of all Trades” or per niche?

Defense - Stronghold
Defense - War

  1. Rush
  2. Bloody
  3. Buff

Telluria is one of the best, best tank for SH and Wars, solid on attacking raids. Excellent in Rush and Buff Booster tournaments, not great on Titans and clearly Bloody Battle isn’t her best arena.

Athena and Frida are Blue Belles that work together beautifully although prefer not to use them on Defense. Athena remains excellent even after multiple nerfs so…yay Athena. Titan KILLERS.

Miki - Another Titan Killer - mostly a non-event on defense, perhaps Rush tournament.

Zimkitha must be included in the conversation of best of the “Jack of all Trades” heroes. Cleanse, Attack buff and damage all at fast mana with the best elemental link (4% heal per turn for six turns).

Rankings change based on other four members of the teams they are on, synergies matter (and what make hero grading so insanely tough to do).

Frida / Evelyn with no blue / green support, decent but no longer elite.

Grazul - Brilliant when you need the protective shield against team of ailment casters.

Even the “worst” can be useful although Thoth/Noor/Mushashi aren’t all that scary to face and IF offered an unlimited choice of heroes, would rarely make the cut when building a team (any team).

Margo must be a must on attack. Impresive her dodge.

With Frigg is an interesting combination.

And she has the best tile damage for titans.

Raff is fine, many people don’t like him because he heals only, but he does it very efficiently - he can heal by himself entire team from near-death to full. He is ideal fodder for Kage though; soften him with Kage, wait for him to fire his special, which will put him above 50% with first round of his HoT, and blam, fire afterwards. He can be very annoying without Kage - even mana blockers or stealers won’t prevent that heal to 50%.

Otherwise, the best are the likes of Athena, Frida, Zeline, GM of course, Clarissa, Seshat, Bruce Fong etc. Worst ones are Noor, Perseus, Thoth, Aeron (mainly because of existence of c-Rigard), Ranvir (existence of Miki). Grimble actually does fair damage, at least on defense.

…after a -34% attack debuff had been applied. That’s a rather key detail you left out. Without that debuff, no way those minions would’ve still been standing.

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