Who is the best hero's in 1.1?

In wars we all have hero’s that are not leveled yet
I wonder what is the best group of 1
.1 can be?

Would u take atomos 1.1 or Hansel?
Rigard 1.1 or anzogh 1.1

Aife, no doubt about it.
A 5 1/1 Aife stack can do wonder in any war scenarios


But of course we don’t want to anger the green monster…

But the question is. If I don’t have the feeders to feed hero’s I will take them to the war the way they are but…

I’m taking 5 muggies


I would take the 5* Anzogh

Last time, I bring Magni 1.1, and has very good result! (shocked)
I also bring Anzogh, not so surprise, but it help.

Now, I do not bring unleveled *5 or *4 more, because maxed *3 is stronger.
And I have now 15 maxed *3 and 15 *4 heroes (2 maxed, 5 almost maxed, and the rest around 3 tier).


Nice answer change :slight_smile:


I have in the past used Vivica 1.1 and Elena 1.1 on 6th flag mono stacks. Never more than one though.

I ran Leonidas at 1^1 for a bit while I finished leveling Poseidon. Not super great in war, but as serviceable in class trials as anyone else on my roster at that point.

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I almost Don’t have any 3 stars

The question I think is of course stats have a say here but

Rigard can clean no matter his stats
Atomos on The other hand has better stats but will probably die from laziness…

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All mana cut/control heroes IMO.

Hansel / Leonidas / Merlin / Proteus

Buffers such as Kiril


My cyborg army of 1.1 Tudan challenges your gaggle of Aife’s.

Release the fury!

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Not everyone has full roster you know…

In wars I cleaned up wounded maxed evelin and sartana with 4 low level and one 4 tier hero for survivability

Also it doesn’t have to be 1.1 it can be 1.30… Or 2.1…

I have frida 1.6 and sonya 1.20 and decisions needs to be made about who is coming and if…

I love my blue boys. 1/1 Gunnar, Ulmer, Valen, Gato and Boril have made wonders together when cleaning after bigger players on AW. A single blue tile is worth over 1200 damage.

On my junior accounts first AW I was able to score over 110 points, and about same or more ever since by stacking colours. Nowadays I’m able to do some damage also by my self but I still colour stack for non developped teams/flags cause I really only have two and half battle ready teams.

What I do not get is these figures: 1.1 2.5 3.5 what do they stand for?

Tiers and level of one hero
1.1 or 1/1 = tier 1, level 1
2.5 or 2/5 = tier 2, level 5

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So u say best clean up now mono with weaker heros?

Got you now. Will look into it

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The best 1.01 hero is Ameonna or Hansel, I think.

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