Who is the best healer...?

hello, to all of you guys in here!

I have the blue Kiril, purple Sabina, and green Melendor for healing… the order i play game is Titans, quests, raids and wars. The rest of my team is Gravemaker, Wu Kong, Boril and Sartana. i have some other 4 star players to change but this is the team i use mostly. Which of the healers i told before is the best for my team in your opinion?

For titans, kiril, for the added attack and defensive, its great. He’s overall a great healer for anything.

Sabina and Melendor are great for debuffing during raids and wars, they both are solid healers too.

That’s how I’d use them, might change depending on the Colour of the titan and the enemy team comp.

Thanks for the information Rilo! the only thing that makes me comfusing is that Kiril is blue as Boril and i kill the rainbow… However, what you mentioned to your reply is completely true! However, Sabina and Melendor are exactly the same?

Both Sabina and Mel do 42% healing and removes buffs. Yes they’re the same in some sense but offer different offensive and defense stats but more or less the same. They heal more then Kiril but not as good for titans but better for raids and was as they remove buffs.

7ddgaming website has a good hero guide done by anchor, google it to check it out, they rate every hero in all situations

Thanks Rilo once more for the great information! :wink:

No worries mate, other people might disagree but only special titans buff themselves so majority of the time Kiril is the way to go for the heal, 30% buff for defense and offensive, free dragon banner without losing mats.

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I often play two healers - Kiril and Rigard.

I fire Kiril as soon as possible to get the buffs, then save Rigard to put out fires and cure poison onci enemy specials are fired.


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