Who is the best green classic tank for war?

My guild want green tank for war. But I don’t have any non-classic 5* green hero.
I have all green classic hero, Lianna, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall and Kashhrek Costume.
I don’t have any 5* costume. So, who is the best green classic tank for war ?

  • Lianna
  • Kadilen
  • Elkanen
  • Horghall
  • Kashhrek Costume
  • Kashhrek Nornal with costume bonus

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I vote for Kadilen. Also from the 3 classic greens here (horghall, elkanen, kadilen) she would be the only one I would actually max and give emblems to. The other two imo are not deserving of tonics as Kadilen is the only one also good as an attack support hero in a war attack team.

Of course the costume makes her a top tier hero, but even the classic one is good.

(Edit: corrected druids to greens)


Elkanen is Cleric not Druid.

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You may also consider Elkanen. His skill in dealing damage to target and nearby as well as healing a portion of that damage dealt may serve you well in delaying the attacker by dealing damage at fast mana and be sturdy enough due to decent defense and self-healing, which would hinder the attacker to ghost in the middle column. Haven’t ascended mine though.

This war is rush Attack, in which case Horghall at very fast mana is a decent option.
I put mine to +10 for this year.

I mean best for overall war not only rush attack.

I have Kadilen and Elkan maxed. I don’t have Horghall maxed as I am short tonics.

I think it comes down between Kadilen and Elkanen and which one you can give emblems to. I would lean towards Elkanen as his self heal can keep him alive to absorb more damage from your other heroes. That being said they are pretty comparable so if you have a cleric emblem conflict but have free Druid emblems then go Kadilen.

Kadilen is more useful on offense I think as @Jronny mentioned above in case that sways you.

Elkanen is actually my tank and I saw an improvement. Here is my team (it is a dated picture, emblems have increased):

Good luck out there!


Kashrek :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

20 Kashrek characters

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With green classics I would look at each war individually. Rush attack I’d definitely consider Horghall or maybe C.Kashhrek. Kadilen would be my first choice for others, but I haven’t maxed Elkanan yet so no real experience using him. Sniper Lianna is best suited for wing. She doesn’t do anything to support her allies.

My mistake, thank you for correcting me. Anyway, this does not change my advice. And I would rather emblem a plethora of Rigards than give the valuable cleric emblems to a mediocre Elkanen. So definitely Kadilen from the classic greens.

Vote for kadilen. If she manages to charge 2 times. Ur opponent will severly injured

Please don’t give tonics to the tree. That is a dark and winding pathway through the forest of regret


@Jronny @Ultra @JonahTheBard @Muchacho @AirHawk @nevarmaor @mogulemon @Infinite
Thank you. I add poll now.

How classic is classic?

If S1 definitely Kadilen followed by Lianna.
Both costumes are superb.

Groot not much as he leaves too much room to recover.

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