Who is the best 5* healer in the game and why?

I agree with Delilah. Vivica is 2nd, Aeron is 3rd. Not sure where to put Kunchen yet but i dont see him beating Delilah. I wish i had more of her.

Those are strictly my opinions and based on nothing but what I use in raids and event teams :slight_smile:

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On defence Delilah is surely better.
But i personally don’t like healers on defence that are not called Guinevre :grin:


I take Delilah every where, apart from titans, don’t need the slow animation killing the clock.

Once i have some more revive emblem nodes on her, then she might get considered for titans…


Could not agree more…


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Tank = center of a defensive line. Takes the most hits.

The one you have is the best.


oooooh! Thanks. Can u teach me how to structure a good, solid team?

Delilah. Her average mana make her superior than viv. I cant live home without her. Also viv died 50% of the time before she can cast. Del also really good pair with greg in high level farming/quest. Viv cant even catch up with grave if u want to use her cleanse. Im looking forward to kunchen and his tanky stats. I think he will be very good.


There are lots of excellent guides out there. There’s excellent general advice here:

If you can handle titans, you can also do well in raids and other offense situations.

That’s super impressive that you’ve been posting on the forums since September of last year and never come across the term “tank” before. :slight_smile:


I think Alby or Guin is #1. And to repeat myself, Del has never been a challenge for me outside of the first few time I ran into her. She just dies too easy.

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I would say Guinevere then Delilah thrn Viv

I thought there would be more votes for Alby. Or how about Tarlak?

Mother North.
Minions, heal, tank ability…


Slow, low attack stat

and yet still better than all the rest.

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Oh, Ive come across the term before, but never bothered to inquire about the meaning. And you think that’s bad? I’m not going to tell you how much money I’ve spent…So, i’ve decided to take a little more interest. Thanks for the update on defining a “Tank” for me.
But, I’ve just come across a fantastic posting shared by a marvelous player by the name of JonahTheBard! OMG, he’s the KING of KINDNESS! I’ve got everything I need now.

  • The one you have, like Kerridoc said! (I have Delilah maxed, Guinvere maxed, Vivica at 3/70, Ares, and Tarlak maxed.)
  • As a defensive tank, Guinevere is the best. OTOH, she’s pretty underwhelming for anything else.
  • Delilah is excellent as a healer any place you use her, aside from titans. She’s one of my favorite heroes.
  • Vivica is similar, debatably a little worse, or a little better, until I finish Viv, I won’t really say which way she falls.
  • Kunchen is also very similar to Vivica, but as he’s only been out a couple days, the subtle differences and why they matter will start to show as more players start to use him.
  • Ares and Tarlak do heal, but healing isn’t their only function, and they don’t do healing better than 4* healers. Rumplestistskin is also a healer some of the time, but you don’t know if that’s what he’ll do or not!
  • Aeron I don’t have either … but his healing is lower powered; the protection from status ailments is his unique feature.
  • Alby and Mother North both look to be excellent, but I haven’t played with either one. Mother North’s healing is stronger; Alby boosts mana and his healing is less powerful.
  • Another 5* healer, Ariel from Atlantis has been seen in beta, and appears to be a powerful primary healer in the same class as Vivica; I’d expect her in February or March’s Atlantis summon.

To me the best healer is Mother North for her effect and Delilah for her solid & quick healing output.


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