Who is responsible for translations to other languages?

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How does translating the game to other languages work? Does SG have a team of translators or is it done by some google translate like feature? Because it seems to be the latter in case of polish translation. I don’t want to offend anyone but polish translation really reaaaally needs some improvements. My main complaint is the translation of the word “epic” (epic heroes, summons etc.).

I suppose that Google Traslator

I know SG needs help on language translation. My suggestion is that you create a post detailing how you improve the translations. Be specific. These suggestions are usually implemented.

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I completely agree with @suntanglory! I’ve been playing in English since the very beginning as the Polish translation seems pretty random and is sometimes annoying (especially according to the poor and literal translation of heroes’ names, like e.g. Boldtusk = Śmiały Kieł, Nightshade = Ciemnosława and many others). Some heroes are translated and transliterated, some are not. What’s the point?

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