Who is my next level up?

Hi all , I’m really disappointed in summons and no HOTM so I decided to don’t buy any VIP furthermore ( I bought vip to do 10x summon but all r in sad way) and don’t do any summons until i decided , now I’m working on Brynhild and then saratana and my roster has followings

  1. dupe ( BT, Kiril, Rigard, Li Xiu, Kvasir)
  2. Cyprian
  3. An-Windr
  4. Nordri
  5. Sudri
  6. Gunnar
  7. Stonecleave
  8. Mireweave (3/60)

Any advice plz , thanks

Nordri and Gunnar (costume) are beastly for challenge events and wars.

An-Windr also seems pretty powerful for 3* tournament defences.

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I would go for Nordri because I use him mainly for red titans and raid tournaments. The -54% against ice racks me a pretty good amount of damage until I pull a better option.


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