Who is getting reasonable AW matches?


We’re never the stronger alliance…not even one time has our score been higher. I agree that it’s because we have players with lots of unlevelled 5* and 4* heroes…

But we’ve also only lost once in the last while… we’ve used strategies and we appoint a war general to run the battles…


They can.
We were matched with a team consisting of 26 players while our team was 30.

You seem to have missed this. He said , …

Total number of flags for a team consisting of 30 players is = 180 flags
Do the percentages mentioned in his post to determine number of players who could’ve possibly participated from both teams.




We have not had a fair match up since the update.
Our Alliance used to win our Wars at a fairly decent clip (75% I would say)

With the latest update we havent had an opponent that has had a team score
anywhere close to ours. They are always 7k - 10k+ higher.

For Example:

War 8/28:
My Alliance: 73918
Opponent: 81707

I agree with the posts above that the shift in the alogrithims was a good thing
as at the end of the day we want everyone to enjoy the game and have a fair chance.

But from an allience that hasn’t won a war since the update I would like to see some
improvement to balance our the team strengths that we are fighting.

Perhaps add a +/- 3K limiter on the team power difference? That way you are fighting
someone who has a similar build as you.

I also understand that there are factors that this doesn’t take into account such as a single persons cross teams power but we cant see this for even people in our alliance let alone the people we are facing so I cannot take that into account here.

Edit to add: Here is the current war setup for our teams. I only can go off the opponents defense team but I still think its worth discussing.

3K+ Allies = 8
3k+ Opponents = 23

2k-3k Allies = 20
2k-3k Opponents 3

Less Than 2K Allies = 2 (ones level to low to Participate)
Less Than 2K Allies = 3

From What I have calculated it appears that if the Titan Score is weighted heavily in the alogrithim
our match up makes sense as there is only a ~1672 point difference between the alliances.

But if you look at the trophy score there is a ~9088 Point difference between the alliances which is where
the 7K difference in alliences lay.

And since the last update I would consider that this is a more favorable match up than the previous wars we had faced.

Again, not complaining or arguing just putting numbers out there to represent what I had posted a bit earlier.


We have never had a matchup that we couldn’t win. Only once did we have a lopsided win and the team either was not participating or just that weak. I thought they were sandbagging it. Their leader had a strength of over 3900 but his defense team in war was 1800. C’mon. We beat them by several thousand. Other than that we have been very close. Usually within several hundred points.


We get rather tough matches, no easy wins that’s for sure. I’ve been on vacation/busy and haven’t gotten much opportunity to analyse why we’re on a losing streak. However it’s exactly the vacation which I think is a major factor against us. We Dutch like to take 3 weeks off during summer. That doesn’t help in the war effort. Attack less, lose more.

Upcoming war looks like another challenging one. This time I’ll do some analysis.


Last war we we’re matched with the #40 alliance on the leaderboard (we’re usually about ~#250), so we’re expecting a good beatdown. Ended up we won by nearly 500 points!

On paper it sure looked bad for us, but I guess something must be working right with the matchmaking.


It seems that my little alliance of 3 active players has been paired against one with 30 members.
They have a 0 titan score and their top 2 defense teams and cups are abot 500 below mine and more or less equal to my nr.2
Wonder how this is going to work out ?


After the last war break (for the app updates) we haven’t won either of the wars. In each matchup, we’ve been greatly outnumbered in the 3k and up team counts.

For example, our alliance can field 13 teams that are 3k and up. Our last opponent had 20 teams 3k and up. I was hoping that meant they didn’t have the team depth but they still hit us with 6 flags each and scored noticeable points on each one.

This next one looks a little better as our opponents have 4 inactive players - 3 of which have 3k teams. Barring vacations, etc we usually have great participation. We’re still outnumbered in the larger teams, but I’m hoping we can get a win on this one.