Who is better to ascend?

Can I get some opinions?who is better to ascend ?today I get the gloves finally…after so long time …I can ascend Wu Kong,Sabina,Colen,Sonya or Quintus?

Wu Kong. His special is a major boost to your score for titan killing, which in turn directly improves your chances of good loot from them, including the chance of more ascension materials.


WuKong, most certainly WuKong!

agree - Wu Kong, or if you don’t have other healers - Sabina

My heroes…my team

Then Sonya, you are very weak on blue.

yea, wu kong later - now second healer (Sabina) or Sonya

Go Wu first, and raise Sonya and Sabina with whatever you get on the side. So what you’ll be glass cannon for a bit. Cannons do KABOOM.

Caveat: if you’re actually fighting 7* titans or above, going in with 3star heroes isn’t the most lasting idea because they’ll be oneshot. If this is the case, go Sonya/Sabina.

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Actually we are fighting against 4,5* titans …better to use Sonya ?purple heroe I have tiburtus at max lvl .and for healer I have boldtusk.

Still vote for Sonya
She is great at raids, as she is fast and she debuffs.

Thx to everyone for advices