Who is better? Mitsuko or Gravemaker

Good evening everyone , I am with a doubt between two heroes, regardless of team or tank, flank, which is the best for the game itself Mitsuko or Tomb Digger

Tomb digger. :rofl:

Correction it’s Gravemaker.


What about… a 2nd digger vs Mituko? Still digger?

Still GM. Hahahahaha. :laughing:

Mitsy first, then 2nd Gravey. Perfect flank duo for a blue tank. Mitsy will also be helpful against blue bosses and she’s a nice tank like Gravey. With both the opponent will need cleanse and dispelling or massive healing.

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Touch choice! :woozy_face: and I’m not complaining :slightly_smiling_face:

I would do Mitsuko before a second Gravemaker. They both play well together in the same team, even defense, by virtue of Mitsuko scaring offensive blue heroes.

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