Who is better Horghall or Kadien? One of my team member wants to know and I don't have either. Any advise?

Who is better Horghall or Kadien? One of my team members want to know and I have neither one. Any advise?

Kadilen is better than horghall but I’d typically say neither unless he/she is f2p


Kadilen > horghall in almost every situation with the main exception being the very fast tourneys


If they’re fighting in gold or low platinum, Horghall might be a better tank. But otherwise, opinions as above.


In my honest opinion I would say from the two it has to be Kadilen


Lately I see more and more Kadilen flanks in diamond. She can be a real nuisance with her protection against special skills and if attack buffed, she can hit hard enough. Currently I got two of each at 1/1. If I get to 12 tonics before some better option (Lianna) shows up, I’ll choose her over Horgh… On the other hand, diamond Horghall is a rare sight…


Kadilen and by a very big margin.


Kadilen is a very good support hero. Her protection the whole team against enemies attacking skills is excellent. Horghall is not very good, he can work a tank but if he debuffed -44% of enemy attack stats would he so much better than his poor -34%
So i’d go with Kad


I have horgall sitting at 3-70 with mats to finish him for over 3months now. Im just personally not impressed with him so ill hold on to my mats till a better green comes around!


Tank - Horghall

Others - Kadilen

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In general, Kadilen. She has higher tile damage and defense, so she’s more well-rounded, and the speed of her special and its effectiveness is great whether you’re trying to blanket-defend against a sniper or defend-all against an all-hit like Quintus. The only heroes who match her in team defense is Queen of Hearts, Black Knight, and Wilbur (I’m not counting 3* heroes), and none of those are at fast-speed and all of them are relatively hard to come by.

And I suppose Vivica and Kiril are good at that too, but +74% defense is an enormous amount and can really blunt the likes of Lianna, Joon, etc.

Horghall is better at tank, but there’s a lot better tanks than Horghall. Unless you’re coordinating green tanks, which is a very specific case scenario, you go with Kadilen.

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I never faced a green tank alliance… I wonder if there are any…

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You don’t face any green front alliances because green has virtually no good centers and the tile stack damage from red is massive. Elena-Azlar-Anybody Else will basically 4 tile kill any green but Horg.

But to the OP question, Kadelin in very underrated. One of the best green 5s for f2p/c2p players. She turns hits from faster AoE heros into slaps instead of punches. I use her constantly.


Actually, green has one of the best tanks in whole E&P world, but, of course, is a very rare hero, you hardly ever see, so it’s not much help for deciding on green as alliance tank color. Sometimes I go re-rolling for days without being matched against any Yunan… Still, it is my opinion that he’s one of the top 5 tanks available at the moment. By the way, I found out the hard way that killing Yunan + 10 takes waaaay more than 4 tiles from Azlar+9 Elena+2 Boldtusk+18, which is my red stack… also, his special is utterly devastating…

As for Kadilen, I agree, after the buff, she got a lot more dangerous than before…


Indeed, Yunan is fantastic.

Just saw one last war. Was not impressive…the higher players had Kadilen or Horghall, the lowers Kashh, Caedmon, Skittles or Mel… okay, one Buddy.

Agree, and particularly if revive talent activates :frowning:

Emblems made him even better than used to be, which is crazy. I still remember vividly seeing him revive twice during a raid, and after the 2nd time he casted his special… it was an uphill battle from there, ridiculously difficult to recover health once he fires.

Kadilen is considerably better than Horghall.

Kadilen is good. Horghall is not.

Another vote for Kadilen. Her damages are considerably high against 4 * and the fast mana is quite a turn on. While Horghall hit much harder, he usually dead before he can cast his special.

Kadilen is nice.

Way better than Horribhall!

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