Who is Best Red Hero 5 star!?

Im my opinion the best hero red 5 star is the one and only Black Knight!! Following Gravemaker

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GM is imo the best red 5*. His versatility is perfect. Dominating the red spot for defense since he was first released.

BK is good tho, no doubt. GM - especially because of his speed - is just better. :slight_smile:

(All only my personal opinion)



Black Knight

I would top them if i have to choose only 3


Yes but if you put a healer in your roster , goodbye the burn effect

Someday i want to visit you alliance , if you to permite me

2nd vote for GM. Still the best, 2 years later.

GM, no brainer.
BK was main contender, after Malosi went up, its pretty easy pick.

I would say That currently the top three are Gravemaker, Mitsuko and Black Knight

Is marjanna any good?

Best S1 5* hero. Better than many red HOTM like Anzogh and Natalya, pretty universal.

But yes, GM and BK is better.

I have khagan and marjana as 5 star reds and i wasnt sure if ascend marjanna or wait for something better (i make around 20 pulls at atlantis, valhalla and seasonald and events) but i see that maybe tyr or BK are better and chances are miniscule.

@kaliope ascending first Marjana is always a good move unless you are heavy P2W ($1000 per month or more).

No im not that crazy lol.
I overspent first two months but got my ■■■■ together, especially that i cant ascend all that heroes so its literally burning money.

Rings go for marjana

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I’ll vote Marj. She is very effective with emblems as she is a Rogue. She also has excellent availability. A hero for the masses.

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I would say GM and tyr

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I can only assess the heroes I have, so…

5* Jean-Francois
4* Wilbur
3* Azar

I like Jean-Francois as I fight against a lot of counterattack heroes, and his special isn’t affected by them.

Wilbur is just mean in combination with a healer. I think he’s very useful in offense AND defense.

I only use Azar for tournaments and the rare events, but her mana reduce special has saved my booty more than once.


Imho best 5* red in the game is GM. Best on my team is Marjana.

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GM no doubt, unfortunately I dont have him, he was the best hero in the game before Tell, and will be soon again

Zim, BK are also top game heros
Mariana is very good, still very usable vanilla

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this goes a bit off-topic, but don’t forget Boldtusk at 4*. He’s a beast, really sturdy ( mine tops at 894 def with costume bonus), a useful special. I use him more than wilbur.


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