Who is a better tank


Are you asking who is the best of those four?

If that’s the case, then Alberich is probably the most unique, but they all do different jobs…

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Richard is the most durabe of the four, Alberich the most dangerous if the special goes out.

Richard is best if flanked by Fast Heroes (or very fast, like Gravemaker) while Alberich with heroes who hit (5) targets like Azlar that can makes you win quickly if the special is fired.

Id say Richard + Crit troop for fast flankers and Alberich + Mana troop for slow flankers but having them both… Alberich loves corners, it could be a pity to not let it there :slight_smile:

I’d use Delilah as the tank, flanked by Marjana and Richard, with Alberich in the left corner.


Yes I agree with that apart from using Alber the other way when not on AI def
I find he is better in slot 5 but that’s personal experience

Hm, I thought the general consensus was that he’s better in slot 1 so that heroes he resurrects can cast their specials immediately.

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And you are right…

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Yes you are correct which is what I stated but I find if I am using him for raiding that my personal experience and preference is slot 5

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