Who is a better tank GM vs Ares

I just got Ares from Atlantis, he s 1/1, I have GM max, should I start working on Ares as a tank or start working on Zim Kat. General Obi Wan, you’re my only hope.

YMMV but I feel Ares is better as tank. I consistently kill GM tanks by stacking against him. Ares gives me much more trouble.

Gravemaker. He’s faster you should be able to wreck havock before the enemy can special. Easy way to check is look at the top 100 players, how many have gravemaker and how many have Ares?

GM tanks are easier to counter for me…so Ares.

Gravemaker no doubt about that.

I have both maxed and tested: Alberich,Magni,GM / Ares,Aeron,Joon
With GM I mostly had more trophes in the morning than with Ares.


Ares haven’t cause much troubles lately. Gravemaker is much harder to take down, if board is agaist you.

They’re both on the same tier. We have a couple players with both and if they run an Ares tank they can put Gravemaker in a corner. If Gravemaker is your tank you can’t use Ares in your defense. Ares is more useful in events and titans. Gravemaker is a top 3 raid attacker. You really can’t go wrong with either.

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What is the name of your alliance please, would be great to see how they set up their defense, thanks.

Ares was king of the defensive line until Zeline was released—the first widely used fast 5* dispeller. Dispelling is increasingly common, reducing Ares’s usefulness (because he relies so heavily on buffs).

GM is in an entirely different school of tank, following “the best defense is a strong offense” motto. It will be interesting to see how the recent release of Zimkitha, a fast 5* cleanser, will affect this balance.


It’s preference. A good defence is a good offense.? Gravemaker.

Think of it as there many dispellers in the game but not so many cleansers. Ares can be dispelled. Can gravemaker be dispelled?

Gravemaker is relatively easy to outheal. Sure he goes off a couple times, but he doesn’t kill me fast enough most of the time before I can outheal his damage. Perhaps Ares won’t replace him as a tank for you, but Ares remains plenty useful for raiding and titans in my experience. GM will fall by the wayside just as all do in time as new heros come and make them less relevant … even the guin era will eventually end. Ares has been around a long time and if not for tank he remains relevant for the other uses.

I have a maxed Ares. I don’t have GM.

Ares is harder to take down, but he is no where near the threat GM is. Ares had his time in the spotlight and I believe that reputation still hangs, but he just isn’t as strong as he use to be.

They are both great but I’d have to give the edge to GM.

This has been tested over time with several players. GM ends up getting the Def Team more trophies.

I’ve got Ares at 3-70 where he will remain behind Zim and now Mitsuko. The buffing tank that doesn’t directly attack is not how succesful modern defense teams are run these days.

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The real answer is the least satisfying answer… it depends. Your lineup’s needs will determine which is better, as neither is better in all circumstances. If you wanted to know which was better more of the time, I’d say that in this meta it’s GM

To be honest both are easy enough to counter, I use Zeline to counter Ares and Rigard/Zim for GM. Neither really cause much trouble, so it would really depend on the rest of your lineup to see which one works best.

Personally I’m on the GM side, but we’ll see as more people lvl Zimkitty and make use of her.

The thing about GM tank is that if your board is bad in the beginning, there is often no hope in winning. He burns your team down so fast there is no turning around. Ares and even Guin are more forgiving to bad board.

Ares could become your AW’s red strategy tank, where attackers will eventually run out of good dispelling heroes but Gravemaker took over the leaderboard.