Who is a better tank Ares / Santa Claus?

I have them both on 3/70 and only 1 ring is missing… thanks

I assume you mean Ares, I think he is the best tank in the game, just my opinion. Use your rings on him

Absolutely, Ares. He is incredible everywhere - defense, titans, raids. Do that guy.

I have to go with Ares for his average mana. Santa’s special attack is better but right now slow tanks don’t have a chance. I hope it changes, but with the damage output people have right now, slow tanks only get a chance to go off on the worst of boards.

Go Ares, he is just a hero that you can bring for everything. Titan, offence, defense, tank, war…
With average mana. The regen buff + the attack buff + crits rocks.

That´s what bothers me too… there was a 0,6% chance to pick him and he is nothing special… don´t get it… he should be average at least… to be playable…

You’re comparing Santa to one of the top tanks in the game. Just because Santa’s not better than Ares doesn’t mean he’s not good. I’m planning on ascending Santa over Elena on my alt account—I don’t have him on my main.


Yes, Santa is good. I have him, but I don’t know when I will get to him. I would use him as a red tank if I did not have GM or Ares. I cant compare him to Elena because she is the best red tile damage.

The only red heroes I think he can be compared to are Gormek and Wilber. He is a 5* version that is a lot beefier and the addition of minions. The trade off is the slow mana, loss of the health link and debuff duration length (2 less turns than Gormek). I can see him on top titan teams.

My Santa Claus is 4/70… Next week I will start using him with Evelyn and Zeline by his side!!!

Definitely Ares. He has a much better effect and a better mana speed. Not only is his effect better but his mana speed being faster than Santa makes his effect so much better. You’d much rather ares fire twice than Santa fire once if he’s lucky.

How has this thread aged, just curious… everyone still in agreement that Ares is in fact the better tank or have any opinions changed now that Santa has been out for a while longer… He’s on my short list for max, but… if folks feel he’s not any better then Ares as a tank I’ll be focusing elsewhere. Mostly interested in a war setting perspective here.

Ares is easily dispellable by any debuffer. Sonya is perfect for this purpose - she’s blue and she’s fast. I always include her in my blue stack against Ares and he doesn’t scare me anymore.
Santa’s slow mana is definitely a downside but his special is devastating.
I don’t have Ares neither Santa, it’s only my experience from raiding them.
I suppose it’s gonna change with emblems though. Sonya without emblems could be too squishy for fully developed Ares…

I consider Santa a far better tank than Ares given the current state of the game. Frida in particular has made Ares almost completely obsolete.


You can use Kiril against Santa same as you use Sonya against Ares.
In fact Kiril buff eventually overwrite Santa debuff, both of them.

I still prefer Ares.

Not exactly. Ares gives 3 buffs to his allies (attack, critical chance, HoT) and that’s all. All the buffs can be dispelled by a single hero.
Santa’s debuffs to your team can be dispelled but he also deals a damage and summons 5 minions. To dispel minions you need Gobbler or Captain of Diamonds. And Gobbler thanks to his silly defense most probably will die before Santa goes off.

The damage you talking about is still taked care by Kiril heal.
So you just need to let Santa shot, and right after use Kiril to nullify attack debuff, defence debuff and damage.
That’s what i always do (if i don’t kill him before he even shot).

Minions are all that’s left, but if you think that some minions pose a treat in diamond league you are highly mistake.

What’s more, Santa is a monk which is filled with more important heroes (Wu kong, Wilbur, Tarlak, Aeron, Drake) while Ares is pretty much the best choice in paladin togheter with Frida and/or Arthur.

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Did you forget Aegir?

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I like Aegir as it is now, but i still like Ares a little more.

OK, but you still said Arthur or Frida are better to get paladin emblems than Aegir. I can’t agree with that :wink:

But then again, I use Aegir as tank

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That’s a matter of usage and personal priorities.

I often go for compete in the monthly event, and there Aegir is useless.
I can’t think of giving him emblems before elemental debuffers.

As a tank Aegir is surely better, and soon probably he will be very useful against 14* titans, but as i often said i’m more an attacker then defender kind of player :grin:

Aegir is totally a good choice for emblems too.

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