Who is a best 3* healer

I want to choose between Belith and Costumed Hawkmoon)

Both are good, probably costume hawkmoon tho.

Higher stats, atk boost… Belith dispels tho.
Depends what you want / need


No reason to not level both of them. Not like we’re giving up ascension mats here.

Costume Hawkmoon is generally stronger though.


But Mneseus in green also dispels and strikes. And Tyrum, if we do not need greens.

Atk buff on 3* I saw only on 2 heroes - Brienne and Hawkmoon.

Correct, priority for your case I think Hawkmoon 1st, then next you can level Belith. Both are great.

The fact that Friar Tuck was not mentioned shows how lackluster he is compared to Belith and Hawkmoon :stuck_out_tongue:

Hawkmoon (costume equipped) > Belith > Hawkmoon (no costume) > Fail Tuck


Hawkmoon Warchief, hands down best healer.
Not for her healing though :smiley:

Also I should add there’s an upcoming S3 yellow hero Kvasir, who summons minions at fast speed.

Basically he’s a fast speed “healer” considering his HP is high, and thus the minions actually have high HP (in regards to 3* rarity). Minions add bite to your heroes, which is nice.

I would rank him about as good as Belith.

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Both are great 3* heroes. I really think you should keep and level both.

I do not have Belith yet, but got many great heroes from 12 costume pulls (2xHawkmoon, Boldtusk, 3xRigard, Melendor, Bane, 2xLiXiu, Gunnar, Tyrum, JF).
And just want to know should I run TC13 for Belith or just level what I got)

Just level what you got, run TC13 for stock our food and recruits.
Belith will also come later either on silver Summon, Challange/Seasonal/Atlantis/Valhalla portal.

And I think dup Hakwmoon is not necessary, except for our depth WAR (but still I did not recommend, because there are so many great 4* healers).

Dup Hawkmoon is good, because I have only 35 non-feeder heroes now, many of them is 3*) And I already have dup Bane and dup Brienne (both maxed)

I agree, keep dup in this case.
Do you leveling with rainbow color project plan? I mean red feeder to red etc?
Is Boldtusk maxed? after you max 1x costumed Hawkmoon, I suggest you start leveling Boldtusk, and while you level… either you get other good red heroes project or level dup Hawkmoon. I mean dup Hawkmoon is not priority if you get other good red heroes.

  1. Yes, I always try to level with same color, if I have a heroes to level and hero roster place to store more feeders.
  2. Boldtusk is 1/1 now, because 1st will be Hawkmoon as more easy, and then Boldtusk to 3/60 or JF to 2/60 or finish 2/40 Marjana (to 2/60).
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Ok cool that’s good to know.
Having a extra 3* healer of sorts is quite needed.

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Even though costumed Hawkmoon is overall more useful than her normal self. But consider this scenario, say your party is all low on health, enemy was about to strike once or twice in the next hit where it may kill one or two of your party members (which may severely cripple your chances of winning the fight). Hawkmoon is charged, would you prefer every one to get an immediate 32% of HP heal from Hawkmoon vs. a HoT from costumed Hawkmoon where the first turn heal might not totally get you out of the bind. To me, I’d feel kind of nervous going with the HoT over the immediate heal, especially when the secondary buff is attack up, not a def up like costumed Melendor, where def up would buff you to perhaps take a hit that might have still killed you.

As for Belith, since she is essentially a poor man’s Melendor (normal), I wonder when her costumed version is released, she will do the Dispel as well as having Def Up, just like costumed Melendor.

  1. Costumed Hawkmoon is healing 459/3turns, average 3* have around 650hp, so she healing 25% in turn. It is way more than uncostumed.

About Belith - I think her costume will be unique, and will look like fusion of Costumed Rigard and Melendor (Cleanse and Defence with HoT)

And we have next 3* healer) by-ulf)

Is he good? Or plain Belith and Costumed Hawkmoon is better?

New competitors:
C. Belith, C. Tuck and Jarvur.

Who is better? Or old healers better?

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